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Introverts’ Corner: How To Be Productive As An Introvert While You Work From Home

My friend, Tope, a civil servant, went to work after the lockdown was partially lifted, he was not among the grade level permitted to resume work, but he resumed anyway. He was turned back and sent home after going through the stress of leaving Ikorodu to Ikeja for work. He was tired of working from home.

Tope is that guy who loves to be around people. He is more productive when he is around people. He loves to solve human-related problems instead of being behind a computer all day, working alone. He confessed to me that he was not productive during the lockdown.

Many extroverts like Tope will agree that this is a trying time for productivity. Introverts, however, will be appreciative of the holiday, the grace to work alone, an opportunity to bask in their silence, and to escape the creativity-choking noise around them

COVID -19 pandemic is changing the way work and business are being carried out. Humans are doing all they can to ensure that technology helps us connect with people around us virtually rather than physically. Now, instead of going for a physical board meeting, these meetings are done via Zoom, Google Meet, or other digital solutions to get people to work remotely. This development is absolutely not desirable for some folks. Others, however, find it comforting. Some factors make working remotely sound like a terrible idea, but for introverts, it can be the best time you can do for them and their careers. Why?

They Love Solitude

Introverts love their space. They want to fill the space around them with their thoughts. It is how they escape the choking cities, the hustle and bustle, and the hectic traffic. One thing introverts probably love, other than food, is being alone.

For introverts, solitude is like being on a quiet beach doing what you love the most, or simply reflecting on things that interest you.

Because of the low level of dopamine in introverts, they are more sensitive to crowded environments, unlike extroverts. According to Psychologist, Colin DeYoung, introverts are often tired of excessive social interactions, compared to extroverts. This is the reason an open office space wears them out. 

Working from home
Shot of a young woman using a laptop while working from home

They are More Focused

While extroverts are easily distracted by the people or things around them, introverts are usually more focused. This is one of the reasons they love to work alone. They try to avoid interruptions as much as possible. This quality is good to be able to work productively from home.

They Are Creative When Alone

I get the best ideas when I am alone or when I take a long walk. Introverts have a very complex thought process. For this process to be productive, it must not be interrupted. If you want to get the best idea for an introvert, leave them alone with a task.

Here is a funny but true quote from writer John Green: “Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.”

They Can Work Alone

When your team works together on a project, the lousy and assertive person in the room, most likely an extrovert, will shine. But COVID-19 has forced certain changes in the way we work. Now you would likely want a team that can work individually and remotely on a project. In this case, introverts will shine. Introverts, unlike extroverts, do not get their validation from people around them.

Introverts will rather choose a task they can do individual that one they will need a team to do. Don’t get me wrong. Introverts can work with people too. However, they work better with individuals rather than in groups

They Motivate Themselves

If you have come across any introvert, you will agree with me that they don’t need any banter to get motivated. Extroverts need it though. If an introvert wants to get a project he is passionate about, he will get it done. They don’t like small talks, so you can’t get them motivated with that. If they love what they do, they most likely do it without a push. 

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