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My Campus Story: How Nigeria University Education Left Me Frustrated.

My Campus Story

My Campus Story: How Nigeria University Education Left Me Frustrated.

I stared at the iconic University Senate Building of the so-called African Most Beautiful University Campus, like a village boy who is lost in the city, I stared as though this was my first acquaintance with this architectural wonders that have been a reminder of the dreams of Past Heroes. As I stood, I glazed through the paper Laurel, I was surprised I had gone through 6 years instead of four years of academic, psychological and physical torture for this flimsy piece of fancy paper. I x-rayed this building, and I hissed, it has lost its fancy to me, I hated the Building for being the hid-out of erudite criminals who ran this zoo called an institution.

This edifice that was losing his mojo to the rough hand of sunlight and the cold hands of rain brought back memories, of how frustrated I was when I stepped my foot into the University. It has been my longtime dream to study in this prestigious University, for four years, I tried to gain admission into the institution to study Pharmacy, while my mate had given in to fate, they applied for institution that was less prestigious, and for courses that were less ambitious, I was determined to study in this University. Well, you might say that I got what I wanted, but there was more to it.

After trying to reach high places in the realm of this institution, with my money (I was doped on several occasion), and pulling the string my connections and the connections of my family members could afford me, I was eventually admitted, but unfortunately, not to study my most preferred course, but to study my Least preferred, Agricultural  Science Education. I hated Agricultural Science, and Education, made it even worst, I can still recall how frustrated I was, how dejected and downcast I was. I cried when I saw the admission list, how my wishes became a sour dream.

My first year was a mirage, I was not myself, in fact, I had been forced to resume for the course I dislike, I manage to scale through with an average grade. I secretly purchase another JAMB form, I wrote it, but nothing good came out of it. The first two years were frustrating, I saw a crazy world, nothing seems to motivate me, yes, the vicinity of the University was inspiring, the building was impressive, the lawn, evergreen, the credentials of the institution was amazing, but all I see after these, is a lady with a Beautiful face without brains.

The facilities, Labs, the lecture rooms were old, rusty, archaic and uninspiring. Lecturers pump their ego instead of imparting knowledge on their students. And the school Authority play Politics with the life, career, and future of helpless students. Later, I ignored the imperfection, I concluded that the Institution was a Microcosm of Nigeria, a country know for it rot and irresponsible leaders. All that was on my mind was out to survive, how to go graduate and leave this confinement. And how to leave this country altogether to a place where dreams of a perfect society is not mere wish thinking.

6 years after my harsh acquaintance with the most powerful building in the institution, I stood, with the wind ramming into my convocation gown, and I still wonder why I dislike my Alma matter, perhaps, maybe, the sour memories are still fresh. I groan at the memory of the bedbug-infested mattress in the hostel, how, my skin became spot-filled as a result of the louse feasting on it. I remember series of toilet disease episodes I had to endure, the disappointment in my mother’s voice when she called to ask if I had been sleeping around, and how I ended up contracting STDs, even though I have always kept my celibacy commitment. All these because of unkempt, broken and unmaintained toilets on campus.

I hated that I had lost years of my life due to various interruption of academic calendar, there are uncountable cases of the ASUU Strike, the various incidence of the school being shut down as result of student protest, the lecturer doesn’t help matter at all, there are various episodes of the University non-teaching Staff strike. The unnecessarily prolonged holidays. All this made me feel like a broken person, The university has imparted into me and all my colleagues with an education that was lagging in motivation and purpose. Today, I will leave this University’s walls an educated person, not an enlightened person. Now I have a lot of work to do on my confidence, will, and mindset. I also need to get my International Passport. It is time to abscond.

Campus Story

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  1. Sad truth about Nigerian University, resume with enthusiasm and graduate dejected and unfufilled

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