My Campus Story: How I Overcame The Evil Spirit Call Hunger On Campus

My Campus Story

Joahua Oyenigbehin: My Campus Story: How I Overcame The Evil Spirit Call Hunger On Campus

My memory of school day always gets me laughing. Especially when I remember the realities and monsters I contented with during my time on campus.

One campus monster I got confronted with during my stay at the University of Ilorin, with was Hunger. I am sure must student in higher institutions has at a time or the other dealt with this monster.

The truth is hunger knew me in and out. It was a friend that sticks harder than a brother. This friend usually smiled at me like an aged man with a burnt and incomplete set of teeth smile at a kola nut.

To ensure I reduce the intimacy I had with hunger, I and my friends came up with a formula. We decided to eat twice a day.

This is how we do it. We, for instance, ate in the morning and afternoon, and have our companion, hunger, visit in the evening. The next day, we eat in the morning and go hungry in the afternoon, and then take something in the evening. With this feeding timetable, we were able to save foodstuffs.

This feeding routine might not be able to save us from the menace of hunger, but it was able to help us manage our foodstuffs until the end of the semester.

One memory that will not leave me in a hurry, was when hunger visited on a fateful day. I was without food and i was hoping for a miracle.

My mind was suggesting that I might be the first person to literary get killed by hunger, as I had not eaten a night before. My stomach was protesting and my intestines were knotted already.

Unfortunately for me, I and my neighbour, (the only guy who cooked that day) had a quarrel two days before. So we were not on talking terms.

I remember asking God for forgiveness for quarrelling with the only guy that could save me from death by hunger.

I didn’t, till this moment know how I buried my pride and went to ask for forgiveness for me to get a plate of rice and bean. Till this moment, I and this neighbour, are good friends.

To save money, Students needed to learn how to cook. I realised recently that most men that can cook, learn how to do so not because they got taught by their parents, but because they needed to how to cook to survive on campus.

Our stay at the university or higher institution is always full of drama and events that are worthy to be shared as stories.

The “My Campus Story” of Station Magazine, affords you the opportunity to share stories as it relates to your stay in the university.

There is the need to tell these stories about the good the bad and the ugly experiences on campus that make your stay either memorable or unpalatable. You can share these stories with us via features@stationmag.com.

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