Facebook User Shares Thought On The defeat Of Former Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua Defeated by Andy Ruiz

A Lecturer and Journalist, Omojuyigbe Dele, has shared his opinion as regards the defeat of Former Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua.

The writer, who used his Facebook page to expressed his view concerning the upsetting defeat of the Nigerian boxing champion, wondered why Nigerians are raising dust concerning the defeat of the former champion.

Mr. Dele played down any form of conspiracy against the boxer, stating the upset is a part of boxing.

Read is an insightful remark.

Anthony Joshua was beaten last Saturday. So what? He lost his world heavyweight crown. Ye-es! The match was fixed. By who? It was fixed so that he could earn a bigger fee in a rematch. Lies! An unpopular, all-flesh Andy Ruiz beat him. Ehn Hehn! Another boxer in that category was supposed to beat him, not Ruiz. Tru-ue?

Who can’t be beaten? And when did popularity and brawn start winning matches? How popular and muscular was Leon Spinks in 1978 when he beat taller and bigger Mohammed Ali, the defending champion? Ali who crushed stocky George Foreman in “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974 and mauled aggressive Joe Frazier in “Thriller in Manila” in 1975! So, what is the big deal in Anthony Joshua’s loss? Many comments on Joshua’s defeat expose Nigerians’ desperation to win in every contest. And that is one of the major problems confronting the country.

Iron Mike Tyson trounced every heavyweight pugilist on his way. But he fell before an ‘ant’ called James ‘Buster’ Douglass. The sky did not drop. It was likely that Douglass’ only ambition was to be counted among boxers who ever fought Tyson. But the story changed in the ring. He knocked out Tyson in the tenth round. It was the biggest upset in boxing history. The truth? Any contestant can be beaten. Liverpool cried out of the pitch last year after losing the final match to Real Madrid. But three days ago, their faces were aglow again when they clinched the same Champions League trophy. Liverpool worked hard. And they got it. All things are possible for those who believe and work hard. Nigeria cries today but she can laugh tomorrow if she so desires and works towards it in agreement.

We like to run away from fundamental truths and dissipate energy on fixity or sometimes, on void. I heard two ladies’ conversation sometime ago and I told a class. Not a matter of language now but a matter of a statement about nothing. One of the ladies told the other that a young man wanted her to be his girlfriend and she responded with CAPITAL NO. I smiled and said to myself, what difference does capital NO make from small no. No is no, whether capital or small. The meaning doesn’t change. It is like a high court judge who shouts, “Go and hang him”! He is wasting his energy. He doesn’t need to shout. If he whispers the verdict, the message is still the same. We waste our energy on matters which don’t count. Comments on Anthony Joshua’s defeat are varied but they change nothing. The former champion shares the same challenge with Nigeria at present. He lost his crown and Nigeria has lost in certain areas too. Joshua can be back. Nigeria also can. But howling won’t do it. Purposefulness will.


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