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The Writers’ Corner: How To Pull Through Your Writer’s Block Episode

The Writers’ Corner: How To Pull Through Your Writer’s Block Episode

I love to write. But I remembered that late year I struggled with creative laziness. I was unable to come up a written piece for four months. Not that I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t.

I initially thought that my frustration was getting the better of me. Then I realized that I was, even more, creative when I find somethings frustrating. I soon realized that I was struggled with what Writers call the ‘writers’ block’.

While some writers see it as an unreal reality, others see it as procrastination at work. But I realized that it is real and definitely not caused by procrastination. It’s a real writers’ dilemma.

As a matter of fact, every creative individual, no matter his/her creative endeavor, suffers from a mental block that mitigates creativity.

Writer’s block is a situation where a writer is mentally unable to think of what to write and how to go able writing it. Its like being stuck in a box. This reality is known to every writer at one point or the other and its inevitable.

Sometimes, the reason why writers suffer from this creative numbness might be frustratingly unknown. However, some general reasons come to mind.

The Reason you suffer writer’s block include the following,

  1. A writer suffering from writer’s block might not be motivated enough to write the piece he wants to write. Maybe because there is no deadline or no monitory incentive is involved.
  2. An emotional burden writer might find is mind too disrupted and unstable to put their pen on paper.
  3. If the idea of what a writer intends to put down is still not concrete enough in his mind, he might have difficulty creating a piece.
  4. The fear that your work might not be good enough or that it is not good enough might be the reason you are still stuck.

Here are five ways to cure your mind of writer’s block.

Clear Your Mind

What you need to do as a writer is to clear your mind. This means that you should take a break from writing for some days. You can do this by doing other things you enjoy doing. You can go on a walk, visit a park, go swimming, play a game with friends listen to music, go for a walk or do other things.

This will give you a new perspective about the peice you and working on. You might also get inspired as to how to circumvent this block.

Writer Hilary Mantel advice thus: “If you get stuck, get away from your desk. Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, draw, listen to ­music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don’t just stick there scowling at the problem.”

Read Somebody’s Work

Reading other people’s work get you inspired and fired-up to write. Must writers, myself inclusive, ensure that they read people’s work to cure their writer block. They read these books not just for entertainment, but to learn. Reality is that during the process of brainstorming about somebody’s work, they get inspired to put their pen on paper.

Come up with a writing Routine

Writing routine is basically what you do during or before you begin to write. They are like the timetable for your writing activities. For instance, some folks are terrible writing in the day time because they can hardly concentrate, while some others are good at writing earlier in the morning or late in the evening.

Ensure you figure our what is good for you. This strategy might also include the amount of words you will write per day or the number of pages per week. This will help you concentrate and also help you come up with a deadline for your piece.

According to novelist Anthony Trollope “…it still is my custom, though of late I have become a little lenient to myself, — to write with my watch before me, and to require from myself 250 words every quarter of an hour.”

Force Yourself to write

Most time the only solution to writer’s block is to write anyways. It doesn’t matter how silly  what you have written might be, ensure you write something down everyday. This is important, especially after you have taken time off and you are still struggling with writer’s block.

The needed Inspiration might just come when you push yourself to put something down.

Don’t Write for the World

The pressure that your work might not be accepted favourably by your audience might criple your mind. Ensure you have one person who can read your work and appreciate it. This person must be able to critic your work positively to ensure that it is good enough. So ensure you read for that one person.

Know that if that one person can accept and give your work positive criticism, your audience will do the same. Don’t be bothered about what your readers will think about your be bothered about what that one person will think of your work. This mentality will reduce the pressure you have to bear concerning creating a befitting work.

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