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List of Top African Happiest Countries

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The recent yearly report on the Happiest countries in Africa has named Mauritius has Africa’s Happiest nation.

The year’s report is done with full consideration of life expectancy, social freedom, absence of corruption and migration within and between countries.

According to the United Nation report, “The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness. The World Happiness Report 2018, ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, and 117 countries by the happiness of their immigrants. The main focus of this year’s report, in addition to its usual ranking of the levels and changes in happiness around the world, is on migration within and between countries.”

Out of the 156 countries ranked, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherland, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia were named among the first ten happiest countries in the world.

In Africa, Mauritius leads the pack, displacing Algeria which occupied the first position in 2017. The island country is followed by crisis-torn Libya, Algeria, and Morocco.

Station Magazine understands that Africa’s giant, Nigeria also moved up in this year’s ranking to clinch the fifth position despite all the turmoils happening in the country. Last year Nigeria was ranked sixth happiest country in Africa.

Somalia, Cameroun, Gabon, and South Africa held the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth position respectively, while  Ivory Coast occupied the ten place.

Ranking of Happiest African countries
Ranking of Happiest African countries (Photo Credit
Mark-Anthony Johnson)


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