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8 Ways To Make Your Stay In Lagos State Less Stressful.

                10 Way To Make Your Stay In Lagos State Less Stressful.

If you know you do not like stress, Lagos is not a place for you. Lagosians live with stress as you live with an obnoxious spouse. Stress is a necessary evil in Lagos. If you are really tired of the stress in Lagos, divorce it, in other words, leave Lagos.

Reports have it that Lagos State is the third most stressful places to live in. The reason for this is because of the following factor: Inadequate transport system, crimes, inadequate power supply, a high cost of living and poor social amenities.

Although Lagos is a fun place to live in, However, the stress associated with the city usually beat out the fun part of Lagos reality. Actually, stress is the main reason why Lagos is known for what it is.

Despite the stressful nature of the center of excellence, there are some lifestyle chances that can help you cope with the stress.

Here are Some Basic Hint on How to Make Life Less Stressful for You

Do the jobs you are Passionate About

When you love a job, no matter how tedious the job is, you will basically be having fun on the job. The real way of living a less stressful life is to have a strong person for the job you do. When you do, it will seem as though you are paid to have fun on a job. No matter how far your workplace is from your home, the fulfillment your job give you will be good enough to diminish the stress on the job.

 Choose your area of residence carefully

If you don’t what to be like Ikorodu folks that leave home for work on the Lagos Island as earlier as 4 Am, you must consider your place of residence before you take a job. If you can and you are not, you can consider living or squatting with somebody you know who has an apartment on the Island. You should note that the hours you spend in traffic will reduce your productivity at your workplace and also cause you to be stressed out.

Embrace the digital world

The internet and the digital world are immensely helping us solve problems. Online solutions have been offered to cater for issues revolving around, transportation, traffic, shopping, and other social problem that causes stress. for instance, Uber, Gokada, GoMyWay, and other e-hailing cab platforms can very well reduce stress. Also, there are businesses that can help you run errands at affordable prices. To reduce stress as an inhabitant of Lagos, you must embrace the relief digital platforms and solutions are offering.

Embrace Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship might have it’s up and down, but it you in control of your life. There is the rest of mind that entrepreneurship gives you, especially when you do what you love. Your not under undue pressure. You are basically the master of your life. Even though you will contend with been broke sometimes with a hope of a credit alert at the end of the month, nobody is querying you for getting to work late. This alone is enough to destress you.

Embrace Transportation options

Yes, Lagos transport system is terrible, however, you can still make the best use of option available to you. For instance, try water transportation if your journey to work can be easily navigated on water. Better still, you can attach yourself to people who have vehicles to transport. Sometime, it might just help if you leave your car at home and take a cab or the Bus Rapid Transport.

Fine Time to unwind

In the midst of the stress, try as much as possible to unwind and destress. Watch football, go swimming, visit places that interest you in Lagos and do things that you love. All these are very good at helping you de-stress.

Stay close to people you love

The warmth of your family helps you get relief from the stress you go through every day. The love, companion and understanding they share with you will enpower you to weather the storm of Lagos Stress.

Pay attention to Your Health

Basic health care practices can help you reduce the stress you contend against in Lagos. Regular medical check-up, in-take of good food, regular exercises and taking a lot of water will go a lot way to negate the effect of stress on your health.

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