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10 Businesses You Can Engage In As Students

10 Businesses You Can Engage In As Students

Being a student in Nigeria is a fate some of us wished we could evade. Not because of the massive problem of the Nigerian educational system, but because of insufficient funds to survive on as students.

The reality is that students in higher institutions are suffering financially. While some are barely surviving, others have no choice but to quit school. It is not also strange that the rate of crime among student has gone out of hand.

However, amidst the mess of financial difficulty, there are a lot of opportunities in campus environments that students can leverage to become financially relieved.

Student, lecturers and other members of the school community are in demand for certain services and businesses students can engage in.

These are some of the Business you can do to keep you Pocket loaded

  1. Cake and confectioneries: Personally, I like sweet things, even though the doctors say its bad, so do most young people. daily students celebrate special anniversaries, have special events, but secular and religious. these events demand products such as cake, snacks and other junks students can learn how to make. All they have to do is to build their brand and make exceptional products.
  2. Bag making /shoe making: Everybody wears shoes or flipflops. The lucrativeness of the business is such that students are even more fashionable. They like stylish stuff. You can make shoemaking, bag making, and other leather works and make money, while also building the confidence of your fellow students.
  3. Fashion designing: Students are crazy about fashion. They kind of build their confidence around what they wear.  so, do these students a favour by learning how to make fine fashion designs and earn money at the same time.
  4. Hairdressing/barbering: Students love to love good, one thing they love more is to be complimented and recognized for looking good. Hairdressing and barbering help you earn cool cash, all you have to do is get the basic equipment.
  5. Catering: Students and other members of higher institutions of learning love partying, they also love party food. it would be only fair to provide this service for those in need of it. Note: don’t go into catering if you don’t know how to make eba.
  6. Photography: Photography is one business endeavor that sells like hot cake, capture people images and make them look good. though, I must confess that the money to get basic photography quite high, start with your smartphone and build your credibility from there
  7. Painting: If you are gifted in painting, be grateful, to create artwork that will endear your lectures and other wealthy stupid.
  8. Typesetting and Printing: With your laptop and a printer you can make a document for your mates, students and your lectures
  9. Makeup: For ladies, this skill is important. learn this skill by making people good make money off these skills
  10. Graphics designs: graphic designers will forever be needed. get the skills.

You must note that these businesses are Flexible, in the sense that you can start without being bothered about because places to start.

Also, let your passion for what you do ensure you get to fruition, stay on them, don’t see impossibility.

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