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These Five AI Content Generator Tools Will Help You Generate Write Content in 5 mins

These Five AI Content Generator Tools

These Five AI Content Generator Tools WIll Help You Generate Content in less than 5 Minutes

Have you ever wondered what an AI Content generation tool is and how it can create unique automatically generated content for your content marketing efforts?

You will agree with me that creating content for your content marketing effort can be exhausting, expensive and time-consuming.

Despite the stress, experts insist that creative and educative content are important building blocks to creating a great brand, building a following and creating a market for your product and services. 

According to recent statistics by Internet Live Stat, 950 million blog posts were created in the first five months of 2022, aside from other content forms and types.

This is the reason why AI Solutions to automatically generate content are fast becoming a thing, The question now is not, can the computer generate content automatically? but if the AI bots can create unique, search engine friendly, compelling and fast content for content creators. 

Writers seemed to be threatened by the possibility of the computer taking their jobs. The threat might be real, however, like every other thing, these AI writing tools have their limitations. 

Before I look at some of the best, free ai content generator tools in the market today, I will like you to understand the pros and cons of using AI to generate your next content if you decide to look in that direction. 

Pros and Cons of AI Content Creation Tools

The Pros and Cons of Using AI Powered Content Generation Tools

Like every other piece of technology, Artificial Intelligent employed Content Generator Tools have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the use of AI-generated Content tools.

Pros of Using ai content creation tools

 Save Time

 If you want to create a blog post, social media, email or any other forms of content in five minutes or less, then AI content generation tools can be your best bet. Unlike human content writers who might require hours to create a piece of content, these tools can get the work done in minutes.

Simple to Use

These automatic tools are very easy to use, you don’t have to take a course to use them. Just following a simple three to four-step process, then you have content in minutes.


These artificial intelligence tools are made by humans. This means that programmers, through machine learning, literarily taught these tools how to get results for you. With the advance in technology, we hope that these tools will attain mastery to create content exactly as humans do.


If you can’t keep up with the charges of freelancers, using these tools can go a long way to relieve you of a huge financial burden. Imagine paying less than $50 to create up to 20 Content pieces in a day. 

It can be used to create content for every Platform

The thing about many of these AI tools is the fact that the content generated via these tools can be used across platforms. You can create specific content for email, social media and your blog.

Cons of Using AI Content Generation Tools

Content devoid of Human Emotion

 See, if you want emotionally, human-angle content, do not think of AI Content generation tools. They are machines, so they are devoid of the emotions needed to create intense content.

Still Relies on Humans to make meaningful Content

Yes, these tools are automatic, in terms of the content they generate, however, you shill have to do some work. You have to give the tools what to work with, like a headline, keywords, outlines, call to action e.t.c 

Cannot be used to create In-depth Content

If for instance, you want to create a technical piece of content, these tools might not work for you. They are not grounded to get you the result you want.

Can be easily fished out as a bot Content

The thing about these tools is that anybody with a good eye would be able to recognise content created by software from one that is created by the efforts and creativity of a human being.

Five Automated Content Creation Tools You can use 

Article Forge 

Article Forge AI Content Generation Software
Article Forge AI Content Generation Software

Article Forge uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to write up to 1500 words of blog articles in minutes. 

The tool is unique because it delivers SEO-rich content automatically in minutes about any topic.

It can generate written content almost as quality as one a human being created for a fraction of the cost. The app research, plan and write long-form content automatically. 

Pros of Article Forge

  1. The app helps you cut down the amount you spend on getting freelancers to get your work done
  2. The software is easy to use.
  3. You get 100% unique articles, blog posts and social media posts from this software.
  4. You get the generated article within minutes.
  5. This application creates content that ranks on google searches easily.
  6. You will also enjoy a free plan to get started on the platform.


  1. I observe that the website is slow. 
  2. Not good for creating content for social media and email marketing.

Pricing: Article Fore offers various plans. For $13 a month, you 25,000 words while for $27, you get to create articles with up to 250,000 words. You enjoy unlimited words article for $57

Get started with Article Forge today!


Jasper AI Writer
Jasper AI Writing Tool

Jasper is one of the best Artificial intelligence writing assistants. The app helps you create great content with only 20% of human effort.

What makes Jasper fascinating is the fact that it has a feature called Recipes which makes the content creation process faster.

It produces search engine-friendly content for your website, social media, emails and other forms of content. It helps you also to create copies for your digital advertising campaign including Facebooks ads.

Pros of Jasper

  1. You get your content ready in under five minutes with just 5 simple steps.
  2. When you sign up for the platform, you get to Claim 10,000 Words for Free
  3. It is very good for creating great social media content.
  4. It offers 50+ marketing framework templates to make content generation easy
  5. It offers Plagiarism checkers, blogging and SEO tools, Social media tools, ads tools and templates.
  6. You can also create your content in 25+ languages on the software. 

Cons of Jasper

  1. Jasper is one of the most expensive content generation tools in the market. ‘
  2. You cannot rely totally on the content the tool products, you have to proofread.
  3. It requires some effort from you, to get started.


 Jasper has two main price plans. The started plan, which goes $29/mo per month for 20,000 words articles. The other plan is the Boss Mode Plans that you can get for $59/mo. This plan comes with interesting packages.


Copy AI Content Generation Tool
Copy AI Content Generation Tool

Unlike other types of AI content generators, Copy.ai does not claim it will help create content automatically without any work from you. The tool is out to help ease the stress of writing. 

This easy to use tools help create content with several templates that make it easy for anybody to use. It affords users blog templates, lead generation forms, email copy templates, pitches product description copy, social media captions and other forms of content.

The tools help create plagiarism-free content, blog intros, outlines and other aspects of the content. It is especially good for people looking to create e-commerce copy. It can help create this content in 25+ languages. With its artificial intelligence capability, With Copy.ai generate catchy headlines, subtitles, outline, call to action and the rest. 

Copy AI is good for you if you are looking at creating copies to sell your product and service 

Pros Copy.ai 

  1. Unlike other tools, Copy AI. help you customise your content easily and perfectly within minutes with a user-friendly editing template that 
  2. it doesn’t just create the content for you, it creates the content for you.
  3. It provides for you templates that help you create content and copies easily.
  4. The tool helps you create content in 25+ languages.
  5. It is very good for creating SEO content and e-commerce ads copies and product descriptions
  6. Copy AI has free-for-life plans. You don’t have to add a credit card.

Cons of Copy.ia

  1. To get the best out of it, you will have to put some more effort when you compare to other tools


Copy.ai has two main plans. The free plan and the Pro plan that goes for $49 a month.

Try Copy.ai today


Frase AI Writer
Generate AI Content with Frase

If you want a tool that generates articles, blog content and listicles in no time, Frase is your friend. Like other automatic content generators, it creates content for the web with its Artificial Intelligent powered feature.

What Frase does, when you input a title and keywords for the blog post you intend to generate, is to analyse the first 10 ranking post on the topic, research the topic automatically and generates content that ranks. 

Frase helps you research, write, and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google – in minutes 

instead of hours.

With Frase, you can create an automated content brief, score your content, share documents easily, etc. It is also integrated with Google Search Console

Pros of Frase

  1. You don’t have to worry too much about your content not ranking. Frase research ranking posts and create content that ranks for you.
  2. The Write 8 times faster than an average writer.
  3. You have various Frase tools that make content creation easy

Cons of Frase

  1. It can not be used to generate other types of content apart from blog posts, web content or listicles.
  2. Frase is one of the most expensive AI content generation tools.


Frase has three main price plans. There is the Basic Plan, Team and Enterprise plan. The Basic and Team price goes for $44.99 and $114.99 respectively. 

Try Frase Now!


Copymatic AI Content writing tool
Copymatic AI Content writing tool

Like Copy.ai, Copymatic is an AI copywriter and content generator. It generates content ranging from blog posts to marketing copies, social media content and web content. 

The tools help save time and boost traffic and conversion by creating content that is SEO compliant from long-form blog posts or landing pages to digital ads in minutes.

Like most of these tools, you can start using Copymatic for free without adding your credit card. 

To have Copymatic write content for you, all you have to do is to select a writing tool, fill in your product details and generate the AI-generated content.

Copymatic says that its AI is “trained with the knowledge of content writers and conversion experts so you can be sure it knows how to do its job well when writing content for your website or social media posts.”

Pros of Copymatic 

  1. The Tool is good for long-form content and advertising copies 
  2. Copymatic offers an API, but only for paid users.
  3. The tool offers a free trial with 10 credits you can generate about 1,000 words of blog content.
  4. For the tools and features it offers, Copymatic is one of the cheapest AI content generation tools out there.

Cons of Copymatic 

  1. The tool still needs your effort for you to get the best out of it. 


With $19/month you can get started with Copymatic, You can upgrade to the Pro plan for $32 a month. 

Try Copymatic today

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