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International Day of Happiness: Read These Six Ways To Stay Happy

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Yesterday, Wednesday,  the 20th of March was 2019 International day for Happiness. This to a great extent bring to fore the need for every human being to live a happy life.

The fact that the world’s government (United Nation) decided to earmark a day to advocate for the world’s happiness shows that happiness is essential for healthy living.

Every human being wants happiness, but one thing we forget to take cognizance of is that happiness cannot be bought, it is cultivated.

People do a lot these days to get a happy life, they gather material things to get happiness, however, they realize that these things do not facilitate real happiness.

One fact you must realize about Happiness is that it is an attitude, a state of mind and not a state of being.

According to Dale Carnegie happiness “...isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

Here are six ways to build a genuinely happy life.

  1. Be Content: Being content takes a lot of effort and self-esteem. It does not mean that you are satisfied with the unpalatable position you find yourself. it basically means to be thankful for one’s achievement, possession, and attainment. If you are content with your life, you will have no reason to lead your life in worry. You will see the height you have attained as a privilege and an opportunity to get better. If you are content with what you have you will not be driven to envy somebody else attainment or achievement, but you will be motivated to outdo them.
  2. Build A Happy Family: As a matter of fact, people who place their businesses, career or job above their families end up living in misery. When you fail your fail and hoard your presence and love from them, you will lead your life unhappy. The simple truth is that the warmth of your family make a person fulfilled. That is why the popular saying “a happy wife is a happy life” is true.
  3. Do Jobs You Love: Research has made us understand that 60 percent of people live unfulfilled life because they are into careers or jobs they do not like. In fact, 70 percent of people are not satisfied with the jobs. They basically do these jobs because they have no other means of survival, or they are unsure of what life will hit them with if they leave their current job. This lack of job satisfaction leads to unhappiness, low productivity and in fact depression.
  4. Discard Toxic Relationship: Some relations basically sap the joy in you. if you are in any relationship, friendship or partnership that steal your happiness, The best thing to do is to avoid such unhealthy relationships.
  5. Share Good Time With Love Ones: Always learn to celebrate good moments. Doing this help you build palatable memories, and palatable memories engenders happiness. Always learn to celebrate the smallest thing (If you can afford) with the people that support and love you. In other words, value good friendship and cherish selfless relationship.
  6. Avoid Emotional Clogs: Emotional clogs include Grudges, unforgiveness, envy, jealousy, hate, bitterness and other nagative emotional vibes. These clogs have the potential to steal your joy. If you want to stay happy, try as much as you can to cultivate the opposite of the emotional vices.

Note that doing all this does not mean that you will have a sadness free life, it basically means that you will be able to bounce back on your feet when unpalatable things happen.

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