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Lessons Every Christian Must Learn From The Life And Ministry Of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke is Dead

Reinhard Bonnke was an inspiration to many Christians all over the world. His lives was a strong reference point to the fact that there is still a lot to be done. He is a foremost Evangelist and missionary during his years as an active soul winner.

Born on April 9th, 1940 in Germany, during the peak of World War II, Bonnke had a very rough Childhood. He grew up in an internal displace people’s camp.

He gave his life to Christ at age 9 and experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 10. Bonnke Spiritual Journey was an inspiring one.

As a son of a pastor, Bonnke’s desire for God was evident in his popular prayer. Bonnke prayed, “Lord, I also want to be a man of faith. I want to see your way of providing for needs.” He pastored a congregation in Germany for 7 years before setting out for Africa to set up is Missionary Ministry.

Evangelist Bonnke is indeed a beacon of light, a role model and spiritual leader every Christian, especially Christian leaders, must learn from if they want to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.


Being a Minister of God is not about owning a church

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was not after building the world’s biggest or best auditorium for worship. He was not interested in amassing followers and congregation, neither was he interested in gathering wealth from the works of his ministry. His only passion was for lost souls.

Bonnke’s missionary work is an epitome of a selfless endeavour. Bonnke claims to have had a recurring dream featuring a picture of the map of Africa being spread with red and heard the voice of God crying “Africa Shall Be Saved”. Although he was noted to have built the biggest mobile structure in the world, which could accommodate 34,000 people at a time, however, he didn’t see the need to build churches or a denomination in the name of his ministry.

Unlike some pastors who abandon God’s plan and revelation for their Ministry and following trends by building churches and followers instead of winning souls, Bonnke dedicated his life winning lost souls for Jesus.

Reinhard Bonnke Displayed Passion For Lost souls:

Bonnke passion and drive for souls is exactly what Jesus Christ mandated every Christians in Matthew 28:19-20

Bonnke left his pastoring ministry in Germany to establish a missionary network in Africa. He began his ministry in Africa, with which he was principally identified, preaching in Lesotho in 1967. He subsequently held evangelical meetings across the continent

It was there, in the small mountain kingdom of Lesotho, that God placed upon his heart the vision of ‘the continent of Africa, being washed in the precious Blood of Jesus’

Since 1987, through a host of major events in Africa and other parts of the world, the ministry has recorded more than 77 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ. His passion for souls also instigated him to finance the printing 180 Million CfaN follow-up literature in 103 languages in 55 Countries.

He is known as one with a burning passion for the Gospel, a vision for Africa and a message for the world.

Don’t let setback truncate God’s Big Plan

Reinhard Bonnke experienced a lot of setback during his missionary campaign in Africa. This setbacks, however, did not deter him from holding on to the promises of God for his life and Ministry. In the initial stage of his ministry in Africa, Bonnke experienced slow result in the pace of his ministry’s grow. This setback left him frustrated.

When he started his ministry in Africa, he didn’t get adequate support and cooperation from local ministers and churches. During one of his earlier crusade in Gaborone, Botswana, Bonnke rented an entire stadium but only 100 people were in attendance. These experiences were frustrating.

One blow his mission, Christ For All Nations (CfaN), suffered was when they had to relocate to Germany from their original base in Johannesburg, South Africa, because of the problem of apartheid.

Bonnke could have given up on God and his ministry when the mobile structure he built to accommodate 34,000 persons was destructed by wind storm just before a major meeting. All these setbacks were not strong enough to sway him from the destination God intended him to get to. As Christians, we need to learn this virtue with him.

A Great Minister Must Have A Successor:

Just like Elisha succeeded his master Elijah, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke left a successor behind. As though he knew that God was going to call him home in no time, the preacher, put his home in order.

Bonnke, during his “farewell gospel crusade” held in Lagos, Nigeria, in November 2017, had appointed the person that would step in his shoes. He appointed Daniel Kolenda, who, like him, gave his life to Christ at an early age – age 6.

The Minister did leave a vacuum, neither did he leave his mission in disarray. He appointed Daniel to carry on the ministry.

We must understand that a leader is not successful if he does not have a successor.

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