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The Writers’ Corner: Six Reasons You should Write A Book(s) In Your Lifetime

Writing a book is no doubt hardwork. Many folks do not have the patience to build a world of their own with words. Others think writing a book is a job meant for professionals. This misconception has caused the world of stories and perspectives that could be a catalyst. Many individuals do not know that their stories are good enough to be told. Other think writing is hard. Yes, it is, but it is necessary for every story to be told.

You can be an author of at least a book. It could be a book about once life or one about one’s professional experience or perspectives to life. once you are able to read and write should be able to write a book or something of such.

You don’t have to be a professional writer. Neither is it compulsory that you write it yourself, you can enlist the help of a professional writer who would help you breathe life to your story or the narrative you intend to push. It is important we all see documenting our experience as our duty to humanity.

These are the reason why you should write a book in your lifetime.

You Have A Story To Tell

Your life, your experiences and background are very essential to humanity to see the diversity and richness of the world. It is important we see it has a duty to tell our own reality to the world. let the world know who you are and what motivates you to do what you have done with your life so far.

Most of the time writers write based on personal experiences. Most of my write-up and article on introversion have been motivated by my personal experience and personality type.

This could be your legacy

Life is both a moment, priorities change, people die, memory fades, wealth disappears, businesses die, properties depreciate, but one thing that hardly disappear is a documented reality. The bible today remains a historical reference today because it was preserved through documentation. If you really want to leave behind a legacy in this world you must do all you can to at least document it.

The world forgets easily, they forget how good you were, but when you document all your life experiences and your contribution to humanity, your life and time became imprinted on the sand of time.

It could make you some money

Writers make money, well, maybe not all writers,(because I am still broke), but some writers who have the resources make money for themselves and their family. There are first time writers who have had their books celebrated as best sellers. Although I will always advice that, first-time writers should not see money as the primary motivation for their involvement in the craft, but I think that they should also be motivated by the possibility that they can make money from their writing adventure. The possibility is enormous

A means of Self Discovery

Most time we thing we known ourselves, but at the end of the day, we only know a fraction of ourselves. Writing gives you the opportunity to explore your life and see things you have not paid attention to all your life. Sometimes you do not know what you are capable of doing until you put your pen to paper. In fact, you might eventually fall in love with writing to your own amazement.

When I started writing my first novel, it was just out of boredness and curiosity. I started it and I came up with something.

In the words of environmental Lawyer and writer, Juliana Maio:

“Through the process of writing a book, you will learn about yourself. Pick a story that matters to you and ask yourself, why this story? What compels you to create these characters and events? You will find that as you write, you will draw from your own experiences and people you have met, and this will force you to reflect on your own life path.”

Inspire others to lead a good life

I remember reading Ben Carson “Gifted Hand” as a teenager and feeling inspired to chase my big dreams. His story inspired me. The lesson from the book has always been a part of me since then. Every individual has a story that can change a life. Even the worst person can change the life of another if he tells his story.

It is important we know that our lives could be a mirror that would reflect other people’s reality and cause them to change their lives. Even if you lead a miserable life, it is only right that you tell your story so that others can learn from you. Other can achieve their dreams by just simply reading your book.

You Increase Your Influence

If readers are leaders, it is only fair to say that writers are leaders of leaders. Great men from Aristotle, Pluto, Paul the Apostle understands this fact

You can assert your influence when you put something down for people to make reference too. You build your influence on others if you can carefully craft your experience into a book.

People respect intellectuals. You can only be an intellectual if you prove that you are. One of the ways to prove this is by writing a book. With your book you can build the confidence and trust people have in you.


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