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Writers’ Corner: Five Reasons Your Book Needs A Review

Writers’ Corner: Five Reasons Your Book Needs A Review

Taking your precious time to carefully put pen to paper to write a book, fiction or non-fiction, poem or prose, religious or secular, academic or literary, is a sacrificed that needs to pay off.

Unfortunately, it rarely pays off for most writers. one of the reasons for this is that most writers don’t take their time to get reviews for their work.

Book Reviews are an important part of the business of writing. They are articles written by a person to share his opinion on a book. They are a brief summary of a book and what the reader thinks of it.

They reveal the experience of the reader of the book. you can see book review as feedback from people who have invested time in your work. Book reviews can be written by readers of your book, professional review writer, book critics or even others like you.

A book review can make or mar your book. To get the positives of book review you need to get a well written review.

If you are an author, I have decided to share with you the reason you need to have your book reviewed.

More Exposure For Your Book And Yourself

One thing that gets your book attention is book reviews. Your book get the attention of prospective readers when they noticed that some readers have testified to the enjoyability of the book.

In fact, most online book stores and e-commerce platforms recommend books based on the number of reviews the book gets. Positive or not. The more the review, the more likely the book will be seen.

Book reviews help your book get attention from blogs, website, book clubs, book stores and also attract opportunities and nomination for awards or any other recognition.

Book shops and library are motivated to give your book priority if they see great and many reviews coming in for it

Book Review help build you reputation as a writer

Authors who have as many reviews for their books as possible have their reputation exhorted. People respect them because they believe their books have impressed a lot for it to get so many reviews.

Remember, it is not just your book that gets exposure, you also get the ray of the limelight. people call you up for speakers, engagement and even opportunities for what people are saying about your book.

You become and luminary when people say your book is worth reading.

Get Feedback From Readers

To get better as a writer, you need to feedbacks. Every good writer wants feedback from their work. With reviews, you can get people’s opinions about your work. A review will tell you your shortcomings, your strength and the gains of your efforts.

You can only get better as a writer if you know how you are faring with your readers.

Generate More Sale

As reviews pour in for your book, your book becomes a source of curiosity. Readers want to know why your book is getting so much attention than they buy it. it as simple as that.

Most successful writers understand this. They call for different readers to review their book. Most pay for reviews for their book. This they do because they understand the power and importance of public opinion.

Let Potential Readers what to expect

With reviews, your readers are made to know what they are getting into. You don’t want your readers to be mad at you for being disappointed after reading your book. A review gives them heads up as regards what they should expect will reading your book. it basically prepares their mind about why and why not they should read the book.

For me personally, before I invest my time to read a book, I make sure that the book is worth reading through the reviews that have been written for it.

If you like to get a well-written review for your book for an affordable price, please, reach me, Joshua Oyenigbehin via


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