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Introverts’ Corner: Hello Extroverts, Here Are The Reasons That Introvert Dislike You

Hello Extroverts, Here Are Seven Reasons Why Introverts Don’t Like You

I was with a group of friends, mostly extroverts. They were arguing about who was wealthier: Atiku or Dangote. The argument was intense. They argued as though their lives depended on it. I was angry they didn’t discuss issues that affect their lives such as unemployment, building business, or the fact that one of our friends lost his father just a week before as a result of Nigeria’s poor health care system. I said to myself, what is wrong with these people. I left them without a farewell. I had had enough.

Introverts will most likely not engage in this kind of discussion. They either stay quiet or speak about issues they are passionate about. They truly dislike some attitude extroverts display.

I wonder why some extroverts are clueless. I have many of them as friends. I deliberately shun some of them because some are too playful, others are just insensitive.

Most introverts love extroverts, some even wish they were like them. But the attitudes they display sometimes have made most introverts grateful they are not.

Small Talk:

Introvert hate small talks. Small talk means discussions that are superficial and irrelevant. We know that Extroverts use this as a bait to build their mental energy. Extroverts will always start a conversation that is too insignificant, making introverts will wonder why God had wired them that way. The reality is that small and irrelevant discussions drain introverts’ mental energy. They like to talk about issues that affect their lives. Don’t get me wrong, Introverts also engage in small talk, but they get tired of it in no time. On the other hand, extroverts can go on and on about why Toyota is for poor people or why your phone is fake.

Loud talk

Introverts like me avoid people who are just too loud. When I say loud, I don’t mean people who air their opinion about an issue at any given point in time, but people who are mere noisemakers. Some extroverts think they can only be heard when they scream on top of their voices. In fact, most time they don’t think before the talk. They talk because they must talk to be relevant.

Introverts Dislike Extroverts For Space invasion

Extroverts hardly know that introverts love their space. They are fond of invading people’s space as though they have the right too. For instance, my extroverted friend will visit me without informing me before the visit. He will also want me to accompany him to an outing with informing me early. The worst part of it is that he might come with friends I have not met before. This gets me angry. Extroverts can put you in situations you are not comfortable with. Introverts hate this. They want to have a quiet time in peace.


Extroverts Thinks Introverts Have A Problem

My friend once called me suicidal because I love to say indoors. Because Introverts withdraw from energy-draining social events, they call them socially awkward. When they talk less, they refer to them as shy. When they mind their business, they call them snobbish. Introverts hate all the ignorant assumption extroverts form about them. It is annoying. They fail to realize is that not all introverts are shy, socially awkward or snobbish. There are many shy extroverts out there.

Extroverts are Self-Absorbing

There is no gainsaying that most extroverts are full of themselves. They love all the attention and recognition. They want to be at the centre attention. They speak, act and fight to get all the attention, even when they don’t deserve it. Introverts don’t like this. You should note that the dislike of introverts for this extroverts’ trait is not borne out of envy but the perceived inappropriateness of such attitude. Their self-centeredness can be seen in the way they talk and interact with people. Sometimes they ask introverts to be like them because they don’t see the possibility of introverts been superior to them.

Extroverts Are Not Too loyal Friends

Extroverts love the energy they get from people. They love to have people around them. They love people’s approval. Because they always have people around them, they do not stay loyal to a friend or group of friends for a very long time. They tend to forget their old friends when they have new ones. Introverts are not like this. They stay loyal to people they call friends. They hardly change friends as extroverts do.

Introvert Dislike Extroverts Rash Response To Issues

Extroverts hardly think before they act. The take rash decisions and react spontaneously to stimulus. Most time they end up regretting their actions. Introverts take their time to think before they act or speak. They are not quiet because they are dumb but because they try to weigh their options before they act. Introverts dislike extroverts for their gregarious behaviours. This is one of the reasons they are not great leaders.

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