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Creators Corner: How to Start a Photography Business in Nigeria in 2021

How to start Photography Business in Nigeria

The art of photography has become very lucrative in recent years. Many people have turned their hobby into a thriving business. The photography world is evolving and if you are passionate about this art, there is room for you to thrive. Pictures are now digitized so the business has witnessed a boom compared to a couple of decades ago. Starting a photography business in Nigeria 2021 is not as daunting as it seems. Here are nine things to keep in mind as you start.

  1. Educate yourself about Photography

The first step in any business to be adequately informed. Enlighten yourself about the industry of photography in Nigeria. Photography entails various aspects to it and there are various niches you can fit into. The world wants to be seen today more than ever. Everyone is always seeking to capture the moment. Be ready to learn about the business. Are you interested in covering events or special occasions? Or do you want to take pictures to help a business run a campaign? Be informed about your interest.

  1. Invest in Proper Equipment

Determine how you would like to start your photography business. The studio now or later? You may not be able to get a studio, but you need a good camera. A photographer’s primary tool is the camera.  Get a standard professional camera to start your photography business. There are a lot of new models emerging regularly, but standard brands like Nikon and Canon are worth considering. Running a studio in Nigeria will require more capital and more equipment like reflectors, tripods and others. There is no shame in starting small.

  1. Get to know Your Equipment

Learn about the different equipment and the importance of Light.  For your business to stand out, you need to understand what you are doing. Adequate knowledge about photography equipment is key. Knowing what you are working with will help you use it creatively. Learn about the use of the lens, various terms like balance and shutter speed, learn how to edit photos so that you give it your personal touch. Learn from a professional or take a photography class.

  1. Create A Portfolio

A portfolio is important and it is a great way to show potential customers what you do. Prepare a collection of your best work showing your skill. Customers would want a glimpse of your photography business before they patronize you. As a 21st century photographer, you can create a website that is easily accessible online. Be inspired by the work of successful photographers as you build a name for yourself.

  1. Name Your Business

Your business needs a name. Choose how you want to brand yourself. Choose a simple name, one that customers can easily remember. Create a name that is connected to you. Decide on a logo and colours that you want to be associated with you.

  1. Register Your Business

Ensure your photography business is properly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. It is important that you are legally registered. This will give your business more credibility and enable you to safely grow your brand in Nigeria.

  1. Make Your Presence Known.

With Social Media, the world is just a click away. Optimally make use of these social platforms to show what your business is offering. Take pictures and post them on Instagram, Tweet about what you do and try to run ads on Facebook. You may be running your photography business from a studio in Nigeria, but your audience is wider than you think. Show some work from your portfolio and offer business cards to people you meet. You never know who might be your next major connection.

  1. Get Connected

Find a community of people who share your craft. In any business, networking is important. No one achieves alone. There are well-known photographers in Nigeria. If you can’t access them, find photographers in your community or neighbourhood.  Connecting with them at events is a great way to spread the word about your photography business. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with photography. Attend events with photographers and learn different techniques that can inspire and help your photography business. Be original and be creative with your art.

  1. Continue to Improve

As your business takes off, begin to invest in learning more. Hone your skills, learn how to be a successful entrepreneur, attend more training and workshops, and enrol in a photography program. For your photography business to be successful, you need to keep getting better. The industry keeps evolving and not improving will slow you down in the fast-paced industry. Learn about finance so you can properly manage your income. Don’t relent in learning.

Every business requires dedication. Your attitude and positivity will help you in relating with customers and keeping them. Ensure you deliver value with each service. Everyone appreciates a picture where they look good. Don’t be afraid to start a photography business in Nigeria. You can also thrive.

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