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Visual Creators’ Corner: See 5 Ways Photography Has Helped Humanity

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I remember, recently, looking at my photo album right from the moment I was born to how far I have come. I couldn’t get enough of the laughter and goosebumps I got looking at mere looking at the picture. I am sure that doing this gives you a form of fulfillment and a sense of hope.

I am personally grateful to the inventors of the visual stilling machine for giving us a feel of past memories. From the moment Joseph Nicephore Niepce clicked the first photograph to our days when anybody can do the clicking with their smartphone, photography has redefined the beauty of history and memories.

These are five ways Photography has helped humanity

Preservation of history

History has become appreciatable because of images of these events and past occurrence we are privileged to have. Photography has been able to give life and existence to historical events. It is amazing that we can get pictures of Neil Armstrong adventure to the moon. I long wished that photography technology has existed long before the 17th century. so that we can appreciate images of powerful and prominent people in history like Jesus. What Photography has done for us is giving us a taste of history, which humanity appreciates.

President Buhari By Bayo Omobotiowo

Preserve Memory

I recently saw a picture of my university days posted on Facebook by my friend. I was emotional that I went back to look up other picture that I took during my days in school. I really appreciated the growth that i noticed. I also thank God for how far I have come. it will be really hard to appreciate these memories of my pass adventure if I didn’t preserve them with the lens.

My Friend (Photo Credit Iwaria)

Project the beauty of Nature, places, and people

How do you explain or describe how the beauty of a place or natural site without images. How do I describe the feeling of visiting Owu falls in Kwara State without having pictures to back up my story. Photography has made it really easy to portray the beauty and otherwise of a place, culture and people without stress. Photography has been helpful in boosting the self-esteem of people. If you have read  “Sizwe Bansi is Dead” by South African author, Athol Fugard, you will understand how people’s confidence is being elevated with the click of the Camara.

Mayor Otu

Tell Stories:

Visual storytelling is one of the amazing gifts of photography. With your camera, you can tell unique stories of people and other reality. even without words, photography helps us shad light to issues around us. Documentary photography and street photography have been helpful in this regard. With photography, your imagination is enhanced and your creativity is advanced.

Documentary Photography About The Need For Clean Water In All Community (Mayor Uto)

A source of livelihood and passion:

I am a testimony to this, so is anyone who has benefited from the photography career. Many folks will probably be on the street search for jobs. Photography has however given them people a source of livelihood. It also makes many individual live their passion for creating visual stories and creating amazing images.


We also use the opportunity to celebrate World Photography Day

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