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Writing Business: How to Make Money Creating EBook

Writer’s Business: How to Make Money Creating EBook

Writer’s Business: How to Make Money Creating EBook

I remember starting out with online marketing with the help of my cousin. Back then, he will send me ebooks about digital marketing, writing and building an online presence.

Apart from the ebooks he sent me, I will go and get more ebooks on the internet, both free and paid, to broaden my knowledge.

These ebooks helped me immensely. I thought to myself, though, that I could write these documents also.

So I started out writing some ebooks myself, but, I didn’t understand how to make money with them.

Back then, I use to wonder, how authors of these electronic books were making returns from these books after putting in so much effort.

Now I know better.

Ebooks writing and creation is one of the best ways to explore internet marketing, make money and build authority for yourself

Ebook marketing is powerful. If done right, it can open you up to opportunities all over the world. Ebook is the easiest information product to make that get you prompt results if you understand what I mean.

What is Ebook?

Ebook is a short form of Electronic book. It is a document that can be accessed via computer, smartphone or on any other device. They are multiple page documents that come in different formats including PDF, MOBI, EPOB and others.

Ebook could content graphics, written content, painting or other forms of content that present information that readers seek. Usually, ebooks are created in such a way that they cannot be edited or the contents deleted, unlike the editable version saved in a program like Microsoft Word.

Compared to other types of information products, ebooks are relatively easy to create, however, it could take a lot of effort to write, design and format an ebook that people will read and get value from.

Ebooks can be about any topic, depending on the information you want to send out there. For instance, a skincare company might create an ebook on how to keep one’s skin soft, humid and shining during harmattan.

You should create your ebook to create trust and mutual gains. However, without compelling content, you might not gain the trust of your prospect.

Why You Should Include Creating EBook as part of your content creation process.

I’ll look into 6 reasons, you should learn to create, distribute and profit from your ebooks.

Here is why you should consider creating ebooks
Here is why you should consider creating ebooks

Improve that Content Marketing Efforts:

If you understand the core of content marketing, inbound marketing processes, in fact, all forms of marketing, you will agree with me that content writing is indispensable. The only way to get people to know you and understand what you do and can do for them is to create content people are seeking.

One indispensable content format is ebooks. Ebooks are used over and over again by big online brands like Hubspot, Omniconvert and others to attract prospects, engage them and refine them until they become paying customers.

Help Build Your Authority

The best way to let people know that you are a force to reckon with in any niche or industry is to write about it.

People respect experts mostly when they write about the industry they represent. To build your authority in any industry, write ebooks about it, to prove that you know what you are doing.

Make You Money:

Ebook writing and creation is a moneymaker for many who know how to make use of it. The opportunity to monetize your ebook are endless on the internet. Some of the ways to get passive and massive income with your ebooks will be revealed in the post. So stay with me.

Promote Your Products and services:

If you have a product or service you like to promote, with a good eBook, you can review your product and service. This eBook might contain information that would compel your reader to patronize you.

Help You Generate Lead

If you like to generate leads for your business, you want to get more email signup or more people to see your offers, ebooks can be very helpful. The document will help you get more people on board. It is the bait you need to get the attention of your audience.

For instance, if you are in the self-development niche, you can write an eBook about “How to be more productive at home”. After preparing the eBook, you give it out for free to get your prospects email. After this, engage them with relevant content, after which you introduce them to your offers.


Another way to make money from ebook creation is to make ebooks for others people. Basically, you make ebooks for people and businesses and they pay you.

Steps To Creating EBooks

Find A Niche That Best Suit You

I am sure that as a writer, you would have a niche or some niches that you love to write about, however, It’s one thing to write about a niche you love, it is another to write about a niche that helps you achieve your financial goals.

Before you start the process of creating an ebook for that niche you love, you need to look into some factors that can help you get the result that you crave. You need to be sure that the niche has a vibrant audience in need of the information you are putting out there.

You need to be sure they will be willing to incentivize you in kind or cash. You need to the sure that you will not die out with the amount of competition out there.

All these factors must be looked into before you can make up your mind on the niche to focus your effort on. To know the right niche for you, adequate research is needed.

Carry Out Research

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Research is the most important aspect of writing an eBook. With research, you will be able to find out what people in your niche are interested in and how to fill in that interest.

You will also find out the industry position on the niche you intend to write about.

With the help of keyword research tools, you will be able to get a sense of the attention that niche or topic is creating. Keywords tools, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, are some of the tools that help you justify why you should write on a particular niche or about a topic.

These keywords tools help you get a sense of the volume of traffic a keyword is getting, the region, gender, profession, interest and intent of those searching for the keyword.

Keyword research is important because it will prevent you from wasting your time and energy on a topic that people are not interested in.

Online applications like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, can help you figure out what the reader of your sone are interested most in on your site and how to get them what they want.

To get more insight as to the content your audience is dying to consume, Visit your local book shop or check out the best-selling lists on Amazon, Blurb, eBay, Barnes and Nobles and other online bookstores.


Decide on a captivating topic/title

After you might have discovered the niche and the topic your audience are interested in, you must come up with a topic that further captivates their interest and solve their problem.

It will be advisable to pick a topic that you are very interested in. It will be nice to personalize the content of the ebook, that is, share your experience and growth story, for instance, “How I made money with e-commerce as a beginner”. This eBook will naturally captivate the attention of your reader.

Your audience can tell that you are passionate about the topic in question when you personalize the topic and content of the ebook. It also helps to ensure that the topic you are writing about is specific and has a promise to fulfil. Let your audience know what exactly they will be learning when they read the ebook.

There are free tools out there that can help you generate high converting topics that your audience cannot resist.

Write Your Outline:

To make your writing easy, start by coming up with the table of content for the topic you are writing about. This makes it easy for you to write without being stuck.

The outline will cover what knowledge you intend to share with your audience, how they will benefit from the knowledge you want to share and the result they will likely get from the implementation of the tips you will be sharing in the ebook. Your outline will include headings and subheadings.

Write the content of your ebook

This is where the real work is done. It’s time you create content that goes in line with not just the topic but the outline that you have created for the ebook. Employ relevant keywords

You must employ the basic roles of web writing, use simple words, short sentences, lists and short paragraphs. This will make your ebook easily to read.

Introduce the ebook to your reader, in such a way that, from the introduction, they can get a sense of the benefits they will get when they read your ebook to the end.

Make sure your writing take your audience on a journey that would add value to their life and answer simple questions concerning the topic in question.

You can use Google Document to create your document. With google Document, you can save your document in the cloud, you can convert and save the format of the document to PDF and other formats you feel will be suitable for the ebook.

At the end of your ebook, don’t forget to add the Author Bio section. This section will give your readers reasons why they should take you seriously. They understand where you are coming from and what makes you an authority in the field in question.


Edit and Proofread.

Tips to editing your writing as a pro
Tips to editing your writing as a pro

The credibility of your work and your authority in the niche you write about will be called to question if your eBook is not adequately edited and errors filtered.

Proofreading and editing your writing is important. This is why it must be taken seriously.

You might be tempted to give your ebook to a friend to run through, however, you must be careful when doing this. Instead, give it to a colleague or a professional editor who will do a professional job.

Use Images and Graphics.

Graphics and images are very important to convey the information you intend to pass across. Graphics and images amplify the message in the ebook.

Graphic images, like an infographic, make your ebook exciting to read, give information that the world might be able to give conveniently. It helps portray the statistical relevance of the information you are sharing in your eBook.

The graphic can be used to summarize and itemise the information you want to convey across. With Applications like Canva, Visme and other apps, you can get graphic designs done with having vast knowledge about graphic designing.

Also, add images that correlate with the massage. You can get very good images from sites like Pixebay Unsplash, Pexels, and other

Format Your Ebook:

This is the point where you begin to add structure to your ebook. You will have to decide the font to use, the size of the font you will employ, the combination of colours to employ and also your preferred structure for your ebook. Fonts like Arial, Verdana or Georgia are recommended for ebooks.

Book Cover Design:

10, Easy Online Business To start
10 Easy Online Business To Start Now
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The first impression of your ebook is via your book cover. It tells the visual story of your ebook. Even though we are advised not to judge a book by its cover, a very good ebook cover can increase the attention and the desire in your audience to read the content of the ebook.

You can employ a graphic designer to create a cover via freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork for as low as $5. You can, also, create one by yourself with free online tools like Canva, Visme and even on Amazon Publishing Platform. These platforms have thousands of templates that can make your job easier.

While designing your ebook cover, you must take note of colours, fonts, images, graphics, and of course the title and subtitles.

Lastly, save your document with PDF formats on your word documents. You can do this with Google Docs and even via Microsoft Word.

Platforms to upload and market your ebook include Amazon publishing platforms, Blurb, Kobo, eBay, Gumroad, Payhip and others.


It is one thing to create an ebook, it is another to create an ebook that solves problems and see to the needs of your audience. You must create an ebook that will force your audience to trust you enough to want to give in to your offer.

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