Mothers’ Day: Read Michelle Obama’s Essay To The Women Who Made Her Who She Has Become

In celebration of Mothers’ Day, former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, has written an article to celebrate the women who were instrumental to want she has become today.

In the article published in the online Magazine, People.com, Michelle Obama, eulogized the efforts of these strong women, whose sacrifices and courage inspired her to fight for the place she presently occupies today.

In the excerpt of the essay, Michelle extols the qualities of her mother, Marian Robinson and other women in her lives who were part of her match to glory.

Read an excerpt of the essay.

My mother is a woman who chooses her words carefully. She’ll sometimes speak in clipped sentences, her wisdom packed into short bursts and punctuated with an infectious smile or a wry laugh. It’s a style that makes her a favorite of everyone she meets — a sweet, witty companion who doesn’t need the limelight.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve seen how her manner in conversation also reflects her approach to parenting. Because when it came to raising her kids, my mom knew that her voice was less important than allowing me to use my own.

That meant she listened a lot more than she lectured. Growing up, she was willing to endure endless questioning from me — Why did we have to eat eggs for breakfast? Why do people need jobs? Why are the houses bigger in other neighborhoods? She didn’t chide me if I scrapped with some of the neighbor kids or challenged my ornery grandfather when I thought he was being a little too ornery. She listened intently to the lunchtime conversations I had with my schoolmates over bologna sandwiches, and nodded patiently along to tales of my contentious piano lessons with my great aunt Robbie.

Read the full essay here:

Meanwhile, former President of the United States, Barrack Obama has used the occasion fo today been a day to celebrate mothers, to extol the qualities of his wife and mother of his daughters, Michelle Obama.

Obama, in his Twitter post, described his wife as the ”most caring brilliant, funny, grounded women” he ever knew.

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