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19 Year-Old Nigerians Artist’s Painting Of ‘Lagbaja’ Makes History At Cyprus Museum

The painting of music legend, ‘Lagbaja’ by a 19 years-old Nigerian medical student, Emediong Uduak Uko, has become the first African arts to be exhibited at the Cyprus Modern Art Museum.

Station Magazine understands that Uko is the youngest and only African to have her work displayed at the museum, which is the largest in the Mediterranean region.

The excited artist made the revelation of her attainment known on her Instagram page @Emilyuko where she further revealed that her painting is now in the possession of Forbes-listed Cypriot businessman, Suat Günsel.

The medical student in her post dedicated the feet to the iconic faceless musician, Lagbaja because he inspired culture and created both war and peace with his passion.

 “I’m pleased to announce to the general public that my artwork is now a part of the vast collection of the Cyprus Modern Art Museum!

“This is the largest museum in the Mediterranean region. My work is now in the possession of the owner of my university- Forbes listed Cypriot Businessman, Suat Günsel.

“Apparently, I am the youngest and only African Art piece in the entire museum with works dating as far back as 1940. Somebody pinch me!

“More importantly, this painting is dedicated to none other than the legendary Nigerian musician and political activist himself, Lagbaja. @officiallagbaja .

“I decided if I’m going to put a timeless piece in the walls of a foreign land, it should be about the ones back home.

“Sir, if you’re reading this, know that you’ve inspired a culture. You’ve created both war & peace with your passion and creativity and that is everything I stand for. This is the least I could do to show appreciation.”

“I’d like to thank God and his Spirit that makes things possible through me- He placed me here. The fact that my art value has gone up more than 10x by reason of this event is still mind-blowing.

“To all the curators and friends who kept this huge announcement on the down low and pumped me with endless support, I love you,” she said.

Emediong is also a muralist and mixed-medium artist who runs a budding arts company called Asher’s Palette.


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