Five Lessons Young People Should Learn From The 2019 Elections

Nigerians had waited for four long years to reward and reprimand democratic leaders who respectively performed according to their expectation, or disappointed and betrayed the mandate they entrusted into their hands. Hence, on the 23rd of February, Nigerians filed out in their numbers to elect a new set of leaders who would pilot their affairs for the next four years.

In an election that attracted different reaction, Nigerian, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission re-elected President Muhammadu Buhari, who will see to the affairs of the country for the next four years.

While some Nigerians believe that the emergence of the Integrity tagged leader, President Muhammadu Buhari portends hope of future greatness, others fear that the suffering and to be experienced by Nigerians for the next four years will be unimaginable.

The impact of the decision taken by Nigerians will definitely be more evident in the lives of young people, who also took time to vote the next set of leaders. The failures or the successes of the government will a lot of over 108,000,000 Nigerian youth, who also make up to 60 percent of the total register voters for the general election.

With the Presidential election and the National Assembly election have gone, it is time to handpick the lessons inherent in the conduct of the future election.

  1. Voters Apathy Don’t Pay: Young People In Nigeria, especially those who are eligible to vote has in time parts shown a disturbing level of indifference in the electoral processes of the country. Despite accounting for the highest number of voters, young people still leave the process to be dominated by the aged. Young people must understand that their future depends on these processes.  Young people must, in fact, try to lead the way as regards the process of electing leaders who will fight for their interest at every level of governance. They need to get involved not only as voters but also as political office seekers.
  2.  We must Shed the Vail of Sentiment: Nigerians have given themselves over to the divisive tendency of sentiment and mutual suspicion, they have made important national decisions based on their religious, ethnic, cultural and political inclination, without considering the logic behind their decision. it is obvious that this attitude has not gotten the national anywhere but in chaos, disunity, and conflict. Young people should learn to look beyond these besetting reality in Nigeria’s National narration and make political decisions not guided by these sentiments but in full understanding of what they want for the country and themselves. The election should be a process of electing new leaders, not an avenue to flex sentimental power. We must learn to vote a person, not based on the identity of the person, but on the character and capacity of a person to ensure that the aspirations of the people are achieved.
  3. Youth Should do more for Election Technologically: Nigerian election has been known to be facing challenges. The accuracy of the process has been doubted over and over again by most Nigerians. While some folks believe that Nigeria is ripe for electronic voting, others argue against it, citing the different challenges of this modern voting technique. This challenge is a call to action to Nigerians tech leaders who are mostly young people to come up with technological solutions to the processes of elections. With the young brains, Nigeria boasts of,  Nigeria should be planning of advancing the process to one that is seamless, smart, accurate and less time-consuming.
  4. Youth For Accountable governance: Young people must not wait until it is time for the election before they seek accountability and good governance from their leaders. The demand for good governance must be consistent and purposeful. Nigerian young people must know that they have the right to demand for good governance, and they must do it in all possible ways.
  5. Youths Are Victims of Election Violence and conflict: Records of the just concluded showed that about 50 persons lost their lives in the course of the election. it is also evident that the majority of these victims are young. it is not also surprising that young people culpable for perpetuating the violence that leads to these deaths. It is high time young people understand that they will continue to be victims of violence and death if they surrender themselves as instruments of violence in the hands of desperate politicians. Young people must know that their responsibility is to their nation and their future generations, not to selfish politicians

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