Filmmaker Ogechi Nwobia Narrates Her Audacious journey into Nigerian Filmmaking With “Hunter’s Game”

7 years ago, precisely July 17th, 2012, I started a blog for inspirational non-fiction and exciting fiction stories. 7 years later, that journey has evolved into me becoming a filmmaker but quite frankly, that almost didn’t happen. So how did I get here?

When I first started blogging, stories and articles came naturally. I wrote every week, often twice or thrice a week. Well, that was until the third year where I lost what Shonda Rhimes famously refers to in her TedTalk as “the hum”. In my third year, I went from publishing weekly fiction series to struggling with monthly or bi-monthly posts. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I had simply lost my ability to create.

Later that year, I returned to the university to get a Law degree and while preparing for my first term exams, inspiration hit. I set aside my notes and wrote 3,000 words at a go. It was so random, but that’s exactly how Hunter’s Game was born- in a season of creative drought, from an inspirational well I was certain had long since dried up.

Hunter’s Game tells the story of a regular young couple whose lives are irreversibly changed by the unexpected happenings of one night. It is full of suspense and plot twists, conspiracy theories, a bit of action and a bit of romance.

I ran the series on my blog across 2 seasons within a year and readers loved it. I subsequently shared it with other bloggers, thus reaching a wider audience and feedback was great. One thing was consistent, people always said it felt like they were watching a movie.

Hunter's Game Poster
Hunter’s Game Poster


It may have taken 3 years plus blood, sweat and tears but Hunter’s Game would eventually make it to screen, effectively kickstarting my journey into proper filmmaking. It began as a simple conversation with my good friend and award-winning filmmaker Michael AmaPsalmist. I had been job-hunting for 3 months and was nearly going crazy so I met up with Michael to discuss his projects and how we could collaborate. Towards the end of that meeting, I asked him to read the first episode of Hunter’s Game and tell me if he thought we could do something with it. Michael read the opening paragraph and said:

Ah, I know how we can shoot this scene! It will be a shot from the top!”

Truly, the opening scene of Hunter’s Game is a shot taken from the top. The story excited him and he was convinced we could take it to screen. Michael suggested we shoot a pilot and pitch to interested parties to fund a full season and that was how the journey began.

We would go on to spend several days planning, strategizing and working to raise funds. When Michael gave me the estimated budget of N3.5 million, I was ready to resume job-hunting. Lol. Filmmaking is truly not for the fainthearted.

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