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Eight States In Nigeria With High Tourism Potential You Should Visit Before You Die

Eight States In Nigeria With High Tourism Potential You Should Visit Before You Die

You might not have noticed that Nigeria has spots in some states that would make your life memorable. These spots are not merely physical edifices, but also natural treasured areas that are known to be fascinating.

While most Nigerians travel outside the country, (especially those that can afford it) to experience serene, beautiful and incredibly natural and historical places, some Nigerians who cannot afford to do so have shunned local tourist attractions outside their states.

These attractions could be a celebration of sites with historical significance, undeniable evidence of genius architectural designs and brain work. These sites are celebrated for their fascinating portrayal of natural ingenuity.

These sites abound in Nigeria, in every state of the country. it is, however, unfortunate that these attractions have not being given the attention that they need. They have either been neglected or poor publicized.

It is however important for us to be familiar with some states with this impressive tourist feature, as we make up our minds to visit them before our maker calls.

These Are The States To Visit Before You Die

Cross Rivers

Clean, serene environment and an incredible natural site come to mind when Cross River State is mentioned. WIth is a low rate for crime, Cross Rivers in an ideal tourist-friendly state. I am certain that you will love to see the plateaus of the mountain tops of Obanliku to the Rain forests. Obudu Mountain Resort certain will make your stay in Cross River a fulfilling one.

Other tourist sites in the South-south state include Cross River National Park, Mary Slessor Tomb, Cross River Museum, Tinapa Business Resort to name a few. One beautiful event you will want to attend before you die in the state is the annual Calabar Carnival that takes place during the Christmas period.

Niger State

Niger state is a state known for its beautiful and breathtaking landscape. Home to numerous ethnic groups, Niger State is the home of two of Nigerian biggest dams, The Kainji Dam, Shiroro Dam. You might also love to see Gurara Falls and largest National Park of Nigeria, which contains Kainji Lake, the Borgu Game Reserve, and the Zugurma Game Reserve. Niger state is also home to Kainji National Park.

Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom is a beauty to behold. With it recently constructed 30,000-seat ultramodern sports complex, Akwa Ibom has positioned itself as the sport nerve center of the country. The south-south state boast of a world-class information center, the Ibom E-Library. One other reason you will want to visit Akwa Ibom is because of its serene beaches and it high-class hotels.

Ogun State

Known as the gateway state, Ogun state is revere for its historical antecedent. The state is known for its foremost Tourist site, Olumo Rock. The rock which is of historical significance was said to have served as a fortress for the people of the town during wars. The dexterity of the state is evident in the number of notable folks it has produced. (I don’t have to list them). You might also want to see the second storey build in the country.

When you visit Ogun State, make sure you visit the following interesting places; Bilikisu Sungbo Shrine, Oni Tourist Beach, Osuuru Water Springs, Palace of the Alake of Egba land to name a few. Make sure you do not fail to grace the Annual Drum Festival in Abeokuta, Ojude Oba Festival in Ijebu Ode and other cultural events.

For religious adherents, religious tourism to Ogun State is a must. the state is home to the campground of most Christian and Muslim demominations in Nigerian. The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Deeper Life Church, Living Faith Church, Mountain of Fire Church, NASFAT Camp, etc are all located in the state.

Taraba State

Apart from its struggle with Farmer-herdsmen clashes, Taraba State is one of the most peaceful states in Northern Nigeria. The state boast of beautiful and awesome landscape, it is for this reason that the state is known as the “Nature’s gift to the nation”.

The state government has done a lot to give  Mambilla Tourist Center, Gumpti Park and game reserve in Gashaka a facelift. I must not forget to mention the Nwunyu Fishing festival in Ibi, which is usually held in April of each year where activities such as canoe racing, swimming competition and cultural dances are held.

Bauchi State

You will be surprised that the name Bauchi means the land of freedom and tourism in Hausa. This is not coincidental. it is an obvious reality. Housing a total of 50 ethnic groups, Bauchi is a culture hive.

To experience nature in Nigeria, you must be ready to visit Yankari Game Reserve, the country’s biggest wildlife retreat. Sumu Wildlife Park also boasts of wild animals you would want to go to Kenya and South Africa to see. Don’t forget to see Marshall caves also located in The Yankari National Park.

The palace of the Emir of Bauchi is a magnificent architectural wonder and one that attracts a lot of attention from visitors.

Lagos State

Lagos State is the commercial nerve center of Nigeria. The state, the smallest in Land size and the biggest in terms of population, is home to fascinating sites. Lagos is basically a cocktail. it’s known for its cultural, social, economic, religious and historical significance. The state shines when it comes to luxurious hotels, beaches and fancy restaurants. Lagos is basically a place where you get the chance to work hard and play hard.

You must visit New Afrika Shrine when you are in Lagos to relive the Fela’s experience. You definitely must get wet in beaches like the Tarkwa Bay Beach, Eleko Beach and other. Lekki Conservation Centre is waiting to be exploited. You can also visit the first storey building in Nigeria in Badagry. For Art lovers, Nike Art Gallery awaits you. Also, take a tour to the many parks in the midst of the rowdy ambiance of the state.

Kano State

Kano State is big, not only in terms of population but in land size. The state has a huge cultural significance. When in Kano, you must visit the Emir’s palace (the oldest continuous site of authority in Nigeria) and also attend the Kano Durbar festival which holds in July every year.

You must not fail to visit Kano’s centuries-old city wall. Built centuries ago, some part of the incredible wall is still standing. Also don’t forget to visit the Kurmi Market established in the 15th century. Visit also Kano Zoo



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