Watch Documentary On The Making Of ‘The Passport Of Mallam Ilia’ A 2D Animation FilmNovel

In a quest to tell African stories through Animation, Magic Carpet Studios, an animation studio in Lagos, is doing all it can to tell African genuine story to the people of the world.

The studio is working on a 2D animation adoption of Cyprian Ekwensi’s “The Passport of Mallam Ilia” a novel published in 1961. Making it the first 2D animated novel adaptation in Africa.

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The Passport of Mallam Ilia animated movie tells the story of love, betrayal, and revenge, with a setting in Kano State, Nigeria.

The animation film, which stars Di’ja and Sadiq Daba, explores the beauty, culture, people, history, the language of the people of Kano.

Watch Trailer:

To take us on the journey of the making of the novel, Magic Carpet studio, in a documentary titled ‘The Journey To Mallam Iila’ explore the level of research that had to be carried out to ensure that the film means all standards.

To understand how best to interpret the novel by the author, the documentary explores the crews’ journey to Kano and the number of questions that were answered during their interaction with the people, culture of the state.

This documentary featured interesting scenes: From visiting the Emir’s Palace to the museum to interviewing Kano locals and exchanging ideas with Anthropologists, Sociologists and History experts in the city.

Watch Full Documentary:

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