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The Introverts’ Corner: 9 Ways Introverts Can Conquer Office Politics

There are so many misconceptions out there about Introvert. Some of these popular beliefs have been accepted hook, line, and sinker by even introverts themselves.

One of these insinuations is that introverts are more likely to perform poorly when working in a team especially in a politically tense place like the office.

It is popularly believed that for you to get to a place of relevance in the workplace, and conquer office politics, you have to be as socially energetic like extroverts.

The workplace to a very large extent was not created with introverts. As a matter of fact, the workplace harbors a lot of characters and realities that are anti-introversion.

According to columnist Gordon Davidson; “Workplace politics is a broad term for many events at work such as passive-aggressive sabotage, gossip, turf wars, scapegoating, power struggles, sibling rivalries, office romances, favoritism, dysfunctional decision making: all kinds of things that cause stress, burnout and eventually depression,”

It is important that you, as an introvert, to understand how to shine in your workplace despite the forces and status quo that is raised to only make extroverts shine. According to Susan Cain; “Everyone shines, given the right lighting.”

Be Yourself Always:

The Principle of getting respect and acknowledgment is your ability to be yourself despite the massive pressure to let your real self give way for somebody else. It is important that you let everyone around you know your temperance and respect you for it. Let people, including your bosses, know that you do not value small talk, unnecessary social events, among other things.

Always Be Ready To Share:

Be ready to share your skill and perception with people around you, especially with people who genuinely want to know things that you know, like new employee or interns. Your interactions with these folks in this regards will help you build a relationship that will make office politics a little bit favorable. The reality is that you need people who will be able to help and guide you as you transverse the waters of office politics.

According to Bonnie Marcus, the author of The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead “Having fewer, more meaningful relationships allows them to quietly advocate for people and provide support. When the time comes to collect on their own relationship investments, they receive payoffs.

Work For Your Team’s Success Not Your Personal Ambition:

People know sincerity and honesty. If you sincerely and honestly work for the success of the team, while subjugating your personal ambition, people, including your boss will appreciate you for it. You don’t have to lobby for such approval. This is not to say that you should not have a goal, however, you should drive it in view of the vision of the team.

Watch and Learn

One important attribute of Introverts is their ability to quickly learn from and about people. You this ability to understand the behaviour and intention of every person you are working with. It is apparent that most introverts do see introverts as competition because they think introverts are too docile and unassertive to be one. It is, therefore, important to use this quiet power to conquer and assert one’s influence.

Be Genuinely Concern For Every Member Of Your Team:

Your ability to listen as an introvert is priceless. It helps you build influence. Always take out time to listen to what colleagues have to say. Always endeavor to know about the family and work-life of your colleagues, with this you can build contact that would be useful in the nearest future. Marcus shared this view in her write up on introversion and office politics “Make a point of speaking to someone new every day, even if it just a quick conversation. Some of those acquaintances will become contacts in an expanded network.”

Stay On Your Lane – Work On Ideas You Are Passionate About

Passion should drive you as an introvert. For you to remain relevant in your workplace do things that you are passionate about. This gives you, not just leverage, but also some level of control. When your boss know that you are good at doing a particular aspect of the job. He/she sees you as an authority in that regard. Don’t try to do things you know you are terrible at doing to impress anybody. Writer David William have this to say about introverts with person “The truth, however, is that introverts won’t speak unless they have something important to say and or are deeply passionate about a topic.”

Work On your self-confidence

Don’t let people think you don’t know a thing about what you claim you know because your confidence is failing you. it is important you boost your confidence. Read books, prepare adequately for presentation, have one on one chat with people about your idea. Open up about your fears and weaknesses to colleagues you trust, their words of encouragement would go a long way to help your confidence.

Be Ready To Blow Your Own Trumpet:

Even though introverts love to stay at the background especially as regards the success of their team, however, at some point you should be ready to take credit for successes you are instrumental to. Let your boss or anybody that cares to listen know that you were the brain behind the campaign that brought the organization huge sales. Accept credit for your achievement.

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