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Nigeria Election: Eight Sets Of People You Will Meet At Polling Units

The last lap of the Nigerian election is today, and as usual, Nigerians will throng out to vote for leaders who will govern their states and make laws at the state level. They will be voting to elect governors and members of state Houses of Assembly.

With the experience of the presidential election, it is obvious that Nigerians are motivated by different reasons to vote at the polls. Most of the times, the motivation is not about the candidate or the party. For this reason, polling units are usually full of drama. You meet different sets of Nigerians with a different motivation.

With keen observation, Nigerians who go to the polling unit to vote during the election have been categorized into seven.

  1. The concerned citizens: These folks are always serious, they analyze and tell you all that is wrong with Nigeria. They usually try to juxtapose the Nigeria situation with other countries. They lament all through their stay at the polls. They express their passionate disappointment with leaders that have failed Nigeria. They make their listeners leave the polling unit more depressed than they came because they tell you why you should not smile or be happy about the situation of the country. These folks are usually learned, exposed and disappointed. Despite their disappointment and doubt about the country getting better, they still come out to vote because they believe it their duty to vote as Nigerians during elections.
  2. Troublemakers: Troublemakers are always at their polling unit to display their true Nigerian spirit. They do not mind disrupting the whole process so that they will be able to vote and leave the place as quickly as possible. They usually don’t abide by the instructions of the electoral officials, they jump lines, make trouble with people who challenge them, abuse officials. They are people who do not fancy order. Must time, they end up not voting, but they will ensure that leave the polling without frustrating the electorate, INEC officials and/or the security personnel on duty. Must of them end up being tagged as political thugs.

    Voters at the Pulling unit (Photo Credit: Complete News)
  3. Vote-Sellers/buyers: Despite the campaign against vote selling and buying, some folks are motivated by the money or material things they get for voting for a particular party. Vote-sellers probably don’t know why they are voting, they are only motivated by the money. The Fact is, about 80 percent of Nigerian voters are out to vote because of money. They publicly auction their votes to the highest bid.
  4. political debaters: Political debaters usually bring the roadside newspaper stand political debate to their polling unit. They argue about anything political, about candidates and their parties. Fortunately for them, they usually mean their match at the polls. Their argument is normally without hard feelings. They basically reel out their political opinion passionately.
  5. Observers: These voters are not motivated enough to talk. They keep quick all through their stay at the poll, not because they are introverts, but because, they doubt if the electoral process will change the situation of the country. They are mostly political apathetic. They are either persuaded to go and vote on election day by somebody close to them or they basically want to see how the process will go. They are easily frustrated. They leave for their homes if the process is tiring. They sometimes stay in a safe distance to watch the proceeding.
  6. Jokers: These are the street comedians who don’t have the privilege to perform also side the likes of Basket Month, Ali Baba and others. They came to vote and make people laugh. They use serious situations in the country to make people in their polling unit laugh.
  7. Political canvassers: These guys are either paid or volunteer political canvassers. They speak to individual voters in a bid to persuade them to vote for the candidate they stand for. They are usually obnoxious, passionate and persuasive. If you are not sure of who to vote for they might succeed in persuading you to vote for their candidate.
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