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Here Are Nine Ways To Deal With Rejections

Ten Ways To Deal With Rejection

Have you been rejected by the person you love? Have your employer turned your interest for that position down? Have your proposal for that contract being rejected? Have you had to live with the embarrassment of your carefully curated manuscript rejected by publishers? If you have had to deal with these issues, I will like to congratulate you, you are indeed a human being, not an angel.

Rejection is painful but it happens. In fact, every human being will at one point or the other suffer one kind of rejection or the other. Personally, I have suffered a lot of rejections, and unfortunately, my reaction to these rejections have been counterproductive, until I learned some important principle of handling rejection.

Rejection can happen in any form. It could raise its head in your love life/relationship, you might suffer from this issue in your career endeavor, in your family. Friends might reject you and life might not give you the answers you want.

It is therefore important to know that rejection is a part of life. As a matter of fact, every human being will have his/her share of this mental nightmare. However, the manner with which we approach these rejections will help us get the best out of these episodes of failure, embarrassment, and anger.

We have heard stories of people taking their lives because they have been rejected by somebody they love, or because they failed to get the job that they want, or the response they expect. Some folks have made up their mind not to try again after being rejected. Some have had to deal with their shattered emotion and self-esteem. In fact, some have lethal hate for the people they suffer rejected from. These are negative reactions to rejection. This reaction should dealt with will with urgency.

Ways To Deal With Rejection.

Acknowledge That Rejection Is Part Of Life

Every great story is laced with rejections of different magnitude. Every great individual has stories to tell about how they were disappointed at one point or the other. This is essence means that you will always not get what you want.

Rejection, basically, is a part of our life’s journey to fulfillment. The early you know this the better for you.

When approaching any situation, always express confidence in getting the better of the situation, however, put at the back of your mind that the situation might not go in your favour- so be prepared for rejection.

Don’t Take Rejection Personal:

The worst thing you can ever do is to take rejection personally. Rejection might not necessarily mean that you are not good enough, it might only mean that you are not the people the situation and person need at that point in time. So do not always see rejection as a personal problem.

Keep You Cool After A Rejection

It is important to avoid unnecessary outburst after your episode of rejection. Make sure you refrain from saying something you might regret for the rest of your life. Try as much as possible to avoid starting a heated discussion with the person behind your rejection to avoid a war of word that would unleash your frustration.

Acknowledge Your Emotion

It is not a crime to be embarrassed, dejected, frustrated, angry, sad, depressed and agitated after a rejection. It a normal emotional reaction. What is important in this regard is to own these emotions, it a normal reaction to rejection. With time this emotion will dispel. Don’t try to push these emotions aside or try to suppress it – It’s counter-productive, this emotions surely have a way to get out. express it in a responsible manner.

Talk To People That Care About You

A problem shared, they say is half solved. This is true with regards to rejection. Speak to people you care about your struggle with rejection they might be able to give you useful advice as to how to deal with the issue.

Take Time Off Alone:

Sometimes all you need is to enjoy a quick and solitude time. This time alone will help you understand what your priorities are and how you can go about your struggle with your rejection. These time alone help you avoid the noise around you and help you focus on issues that are important to you.

Learn From Your Rejection Experience

It is wise to take stock of your rejection experience and learn from it. Examine the situation and see if you are to blame for the situation. If you are? see that you improve that area you are found wanting. Make conscious efforts to get better.

Build Your Self-Esteem

If you want to bounce back from your rejection, you must work on your self-esteem. You self-esteem immune you from the view of people about your rejections and failures. You can build a clearer goal for yourself and see your ambition in the right perceptive if you boost your self-esteem. Work on yourself. talk to yourself, and appreciate your efforts

Keep Taking Risk, Don’t Stop

Your rejection should not stop you from following your dreams. See it as a roadblock you must overcome. Its is important you don’t stop taking the risk that will help you fulfill your dreams. Don’t let reject break or keep you down.


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