Short Prose: “A FLING” by Chidera Ifechukwu


‘A FLING’ by Chidera Ifechukwu

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Help, Help.

I kept shouting until I realized that it was only in my head. They couldn’t hear me. None of them could. I could feel the drugs wearing off as my eyes began to open slowly. The first thing that hits me is the disinfectant they use; they should really change it. I make out two voices speaking to one another.

“What of the boy?”

“He didn’t make it”. What boy? Which boy didn’t make it?

“This is terrible. And from the description, it’s like he protected her and got hit the most”. No, no, no! I wanted to scream out. I didn’t want to believe that they were referring to me.

‘I love you’

Dammit. He can’t say that and just vanish. I struggle to move my fingers as I reach for the drip attached to me, yanking it off forcefully. I didn’t even care about the blood dripping on the floor. Immediately, the two occupiers of space rush to hold me down.

“You’re still recovering, dear. You can’t stand yet”

“Let me go. I want to see him”

“Calm down. Your recovery is our priority right now”

“I said I want to see him!”

“Let me go! Where is she? Where is she? She killed him”

“Calm down madam. The girl is badly injured and needs recovery”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” My whole body stilled as I look at the window, seeing an older lady struggle with a nurse to get into my room. It wasn’t soundproof so I could hear all the screaming and kicking. My heart constricts in pain as I watched her, still not accepting reality.

“Why do you hate relationships, Amarachi”

“Why aren’t you in one, Diego”

*sigh* “it’s inconvenient”


Memories start rushing back and forth as the machine attached to me started to beep loudly. I didn’t know what was happening but the memories just kept jabbing through my head.

“Did you have fun?”


I hit him playfully “Rude”

His eyes light up as he smiles at me

It was just supposed to be fun; nothing serious was meant to come out of it.

“So, just a fling”


“Aren’t you scared you will fall for me. I’m irresistible”

“Keep deceiving yourself”

“Is that a challenge?”

I look at him, the mischief in his eyes reflecting in mine.

This was not happening. My mind was playing tricks on me.

“Driver watch out!” I scream as a large truck stops in the middle of the road. Before I can protest, his arms are wrapped around me as he covers my body.

“I love you” he says into my ear.

“Diego”, I whisper

I didn’t realize when I began to scream, about two doctors with a nurse holding me down. “Get me the anesthesia. We need her to go back to sleep before she injures herself”. I continued struggling; I didn’t want to go to sleep. I wanted to see him again; that smile he reserved for me. That unconscious laughter that I’m capable of making happen; his honesty that pisses me off sometimes. I would give anything just to hear him again.

“You wouldn’t be with me if I wasn’t weird”

Everything began to get blurry again. I could feel the drugs kicking in as my brain began to shut down. My body fought tooth and nail to stay awake but it didn’t matter anymore. Diego may have lost the bet; but I had lost my heart.

About Author

Chidera Ifechukwu is a student and a passionate writer. She blogs at

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