Focus On Your Call With Powerful Quotes From Drama Minister Mike Bamiloye

Quotes By Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is an anointed minister of God, who has dedicated his life to changing the lives of people for God through Drama.

He is a Drama Minister, a playwright, a Filmmaker, a Director, producers and an evangelist. He is the founder of the Mount Zion Drama Ministry.

His life has been an inspiration to many. Bro Mike, as his wife, Gloria Mike Bamiloye, calls him, grew up an orphan. He was raised by his elder sister.

He was born in Ilase in Osun State, South-West Nigeria on the13th of April 1960.

His life story is obviously one punctuated by God’s grace and call, as portrayed in a biopic about him: “The Train”

Mike Bamiloye has acted in, directed, produced hundreds of stage plays and films

Bro Mike’s life is a lesson to every human being with a dream and a call of God.

Here are some of the powerful quotes by Evangelist Mike Bamiloye To help us Focus of our call

1. “Do you know why many are struggling in the ministry today after many years of serving? They missed the time they were supposed to follow God’s word by faith.”

2. “Many have missed the land of their inheritance because they have doubted God and have refused to follow Him.”

3. “Faith and not age is the real issue when it comes to fulfilling God’s divine purpose for your life and ministry.”

4. “The Lord would not order you to do what He knows you would not be capable of doing.”

5. “If He gives you a vision to accomplish, He knows it will be possible.”

6. “When faith is lacking in our walk with God, nothing empowers Him to fulfill His promises and establish His covenants.”

7. “When you don’t operate in faith then you have ruled yourself out of His divine presence and favour. You can’t please God.”

8. “Muslims have faith but they hang all the valuable faith they have not on Jesus for salvation but on someone else who himself needed salvation.”

9. “You have what it takes to do all he has asked you to do. You have all it takes to be what He wants you to be.”

10. “You carry in you a deposit of the ‘breath’ of God that parted the Red Sea and froze the deep sea.”

11. “Our educational background and academic wisdom, many times, had made us ‘wiser’ than God.”

12. “You step on His toes if you decide to love Him but not willing to believe all He says.”

13. “If you would do all what He says, your ways will not please man.”

Watch the biopic of Mike Bamiloye’s life “The Train”


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