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#RevolutionIsNow: Here Are 15 Powerful Quotes By Omoyele Sowore

It is no longer news that Omoyele Sowore, the Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (ACC) in the 2019 General Election has been arrested by the State Security Service (DSS) for calling for a revolution in Nigeria against bad government.

The Publisher of Sahara Reporter has been known for his activism and his advocacy for good government for as early as his days in the University in the early 1990s.

Sowore has taken to his social media pages to call on Nigerians to come out to en masse on the 5th of August “shot down the system that is not working”.

Omoyele Sowore, born on the 16th of February 1971, is an indigene of Ese-Odo in Ondo State. A graduate of the University of Lagos. He obtained a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University in 2003.

Sowore was expelled twice for political reasons and student activism. He was served as the president of the Student Union Government of his institution.

Omoyele Sowore started Sahara Reporters in 2006, in a small room in Manhattan. Sowore began the news website so he could have a platform where he can fight against corrupt government practices.

Here are some powerful quote by Omoyele Sowore

  • “All that is needed for a #Revolution is for the oppressed to choose a date they desire for liberty, not subjected to the approval of the oppressor”
  • “I can run Nigeria better than President Buhari, even in my sleep. There is no need to become a local government councillor or a senator when I can run a better country as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. I am the most transparent candidate.”
  • “To the skeptics who say Nigerians are too apathetic and Divided to rise up for a revolution or to a revolution, i say this, hunger doesn’t know ethnicity, insecurity doesn’t know religion, and when Nigeria become a better place, it wouldn’t matter where you come from”
  • “Unlike President Buhari who did not elect a cabinet until after six months of taking office, I have begun to bring together a shadow cabinet of experts that are understudying what is going on right now in each sector of the Nigerian nation so that when we are voted in by the Nigerian people, we can truly hit the ground running from day one”
  • “We don’t want war We want a very clean, quick, succinct revolutionary process – surgical. That we put an end to the shenanigans of government, that we put an end to oppression, the corruption of government.”
  • “The problem is not wealth Generation, but wealth distribution”
  • “When we continue to feed the greedy, the needy will continue to suffer.”
  • “The truth is that while we are here discussing the enemy they chose for us, we have forgotten our real enemy, those are the people in government. They are the one manipulating us against each other.”
  • “The truth is that there is no socio-economic and political justice in this country for anyone, and if we don’t have that, people will be looking for who to attack.”
  • “Our position is that Nigeria has reached a tipping point, Nigeria needs a revolution.”
  • “Our youths who have graduated from the university, roam the streets daily looking for a job with no hope in sight”
  • “There has been a deliberate policy, one is to create ignorance in the country, and ignorance is what is sustaining poverty and disease in the country”.
  • “Nigerians get killed daily and nothing is done to curb the brazen acts of premeditated murder of innocent Nigerians. Soon we will all get killed and President Buhari will merely issue a statement stating: “we regret the death of most Nigerians. We have technically defeated the killers”
  • “For 58 years now, some wicked political jackals took over the affairs of this nation. Today, we have a country where people are sad.”
  • “Nigeria has no clear economic philosophy and without one, we can’t move forward as a nation. Is Nigeria a capitalist nation?  If yes, what makes capitalism work for the common man on the street. I will work for the abolition of the land use act as a constitutional issue,”

What else do you know about Omoyele Sowore? let us know in the comment section below.


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