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If you are a Nigerian and the name Mike Abayomi Bamiloye do not strike a bell, you probably do not love Nigerian movies or Nigerian Christian movies specifically. His work over the years has been a source of inspiration and salvation to many folks in Nigeria and the world.

Mike Bamiloye, who wears a lot of hats as a Drama Minister, an evangelist, Film producer, actor, director and preacher, recently celebrated his 60th birthday. To mark his Diamond Jubilee, God laid it in the heart of his first son, Damilola Mike Bamiloye, to produce a movie to celebrate his life and works, particularly to tell the story of his salvation and transformation.

The Biopic, “The Train”, written by Damilola Mike Bamiloye and Produced by Mount Zion Drama and Film Ministry, gave answers to all the questions you might want to ask about the life of one of the prolific Christian leaders in the country.

Directed by Mount Zion Drama and Film Production Ministry veterans, Yemi Adepoju and Isaac Femi Akintunde, The film is divided into chapters. These chapters tell the story of each stage of Mike Bamiloye’s life.

The film opened with the agonizing death of Mike Bamiloye’s mother, probably at the age of 4. He was, thus, trained by his elder sister. He was sent off to various family members while he was very young. The almost three-hours long film portrayed the young Mike Bamiloye, acted by Oluwasola Peter, and his confused and complicated life, and life after he took-up the work of the ministry full time.

The next chapters revealed the early life of the evangelist before he got converted and started devoting himself to the work of God who called him. He got involved in the drama ministry and evangelism while he was still in school.
The later chapter of the film described the love story of Mike Bamiloye and Gloria Olusola, his wife and his vision partner.

If you have seen the film, you would applaud the storytelling technique of the production. The efforts put into the film that was produced within a month is recognized in the outcome. I must give kudos to the designer who made the costumes for the film, the Production/set design and make-up.

The Acting is particularly plausible. The cast did well in portraying their role without unnecessary theatrics. Oluwaseun Adejumobi’s clinical portrayal of Mike Bamiloye is next to perfect. Other characters that brought out the flavour of the film include, Tolulope Mike Bamiloye (Mike Bamiloye’s second daughter-in-law), who played Gloria Bamiloye, Omolara Ayoola, who portrayed the mother figure of Mike Bamiloye.

I must at this point mention that the child actors brought humour to the film.

The movie was premiered on Youtube on the 3rd of May and has so far recorded 1.2 Million views.

Mike Bamiloye has this to say about the biopic “The Train”

“I want to use this platform to specially appreciate the amazing cast and Crew of the movie #TheTrain . Starting from our super directors and fathers in Mount ZION Faith Ministries, Daddy Yemi Adepoju @yemi_joseph_ade and Daddy Isaac Akintunde @femiakintundeisaac . (Their pictures on the next slide ) After the filming of The Train, the crew decided not to receive their honorarium. Some decided to give instead of taking. I have never experienced this level of sacrifice before. People came on set with so much zeal to serve the lord Jesus. I pray the lord will bless and honor them in Jesus name. PHOTO CREDIT @tellabee22″

The quality of “The Train”, when weighed with the budget of the film and the modest equipment used for production, is incredible. The director paid great attention to details. The soundtrack for the movie really did set the mode for the messages embedded in the film. The soundtrack of the movie featured soundtracks of past Mount Zion movies, including “Agbara Nla”. Joshua Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor.

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