Official Poster for 1992 the Movie has been released; Watch trailer.

The official poster for “1992” the movie has been released.

The star-studded movie which centres around women emancipation boast of stars like Ireti Doyle, Shola Shobowale, who spearheaded riots for the freedom of their follow women from the hold of colonial oppression.

The movie which will hit the cinemas on the 9th of April also featured stars like Sam dede, Becky Odungide and a load of others.

Shola Shobowale on the Set of "1929" the movie
Shola Shobowale

Ndy Akan, the producer of the movie, while commenting on the movie, revealed that the movie was out to portray the courage and role of the women of Ibibio and Annang to put an end to women taxation introduced by the colonialists in 1929

Set "1929" the Movie
Shola Shobowale, Ireti Doyle, Sam Dede on Set of “1929” the Movie

 ‘The general impression people have is that the 1929 women’s riot took place only at Aba; no, women from different provinces in the then eastern region of Nigeria played a major part to stop the imposition of tax on women. The film will serve as a point of reference for research, especially for young people. On a lighter note, the film is spiced up with a love story to delight the viewers, it is a historical film that will make you think, feel, laugh and learn and I will be happy to see people come out to watch history being made.’

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