Igiri Victor’s Adiharu’s “Birth The Jewel Within”: A Clarion Call To Becoming Relevant

A Review of Igiri Victor’s “Birth The Jewel Within” By Joshua Oyenigbehin

I think Motivational books are overrated, because, like opium, their effect is spontaneous and brief. A motivational writer inflates the spirit of his audience but does not guarantee that it would not be deflated by the realities of life. He spurs his readers to move forward without knowing if they have legs to move.

Even though, Dele Carnegie defended his likes by saying “People often say that motivation doesn’t last, well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it every day”, I believe that human beings need more than just psyche padding but a thorough call to action. However, Victor Igiri Adiharu’s “Birth the Jewel within; A Guide to being Relevant” is different in this regard, it is not just out to motivate, but to challenge us to take up our responsibilities to ourselves, to humanity and to God.

The period and the circumstance that led to the creation of this book is significant. On like most Youth Corp members who are carried away by the euphoria of the fun inherent in the service year, Igiri Victor Adiharu, while serving his motherland, out of passion and in-depth reflection, saw the need to help young people see the possibility of being relevant, even amidst the limitations that beset them.

The author understands that the stubborn obstacles young people face in their quest to take on the world, is basically, that they are oblivious of who they are, the treasure that is concealed in them and what they are capable of doing, Hence the need to emphasize the reality of an extraordinary and unique resources in every human being that needs to be brought to life, in addition to expelling the feeling of inadequacy most young people grapple with.

The emphasis of ”The God Factor” in the book “Birth the Jewel Within” transcends the religious disposition of the author, but actually point at an important reality that most books in the same class under-emphasis. There is the need for every person to embrace the reality of the supernatural because, according to the author, “the journey of a life of purpose starts with God.”

The passion behind this work is projected by the almost utopian possibility shared by the author. The possibility that every single human being can be a monumental catalyst of positive change. In other words, if every individual can live up to the expectation of his/her creator, we would have had the solutions to all the problems we contend with in the world today.

In Victor’s words, “I want you to imagine a world where majority of the people are contributors and not just consumers; a world where everyone strives to be an asset by fulfilling purpose and solving some of the problems in our society” This almost obscure dream, which is the product of the authors imagination might seem like the punchline to an intense joke, but the possibility of this serious joke can be a vision every individual who is grateful for God’s gift can key into.

I personally think that Victor might have been too carried away by the excitement of an outstandingly priceless jewel in man that he downplayed the processes involved in giving a face to this important gift. He emphasized more on what great men and women achieved over what they went through before they became the precious gifts the world celebrates today. Nevertheless, I understand that his work is not out to lecture us on how to be that great person we are created to be but to point our attention to the fact that we can all be great influences in our world today as a result of the gift we embody.

I would seriously advise that no one should judge this book by its cover or its flimsiness. The 55 pages book is expressly out to open us to the secret of not just being relevant but being extraordinary in our life’s adventure.

About The Author:

Igiri Victor is a passionate, creative and innovative about everything he does. He aims to “die empty” leveraging on his skills to make a positive impact.  He is a poet, motivational writer, graphics designer, researcher, and teacher. To get his book, click here.

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