See How to Make $1000 Monthly Publishing Ebook on Amadon KDP Even if You Can’t Write

If you are a writer who wants to make money online, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing would have come across your mind multiple times (That’s if you are familiar with the platform). You might have asked yourself,  how do I publish a book/ebook on Amazon and make money? Or you might have even typed on google, how to earn money from amazon kindle?

You are not alone, there are lots and lots of writers who will like to know how to self publish on the Amazon KDP platform. Some have tried but have failed and given up on the possibility of self-publishing on Amazon KDP. 

You might be a little new to the KDP business, and do not know how to start signing up for Amazon KDP, not to talk of uploading a book on the platform. This piece can also be helpful for you. 

Defining Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Beginning

How to make money publishing on Amazon KDP Platform

This might be the first time you are coming across the term, Self-publishing, Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing or even how to make money publishing books and ebooks of different formats on Amazon. 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a self-publishing platform that allows writers, graphic designers and content creators to create books and ebooks and publish them on the platform and get a royalty on every sale.

This means that when you create your ebooks or books, whatsoever type or format, you can sell them all over the world with ease on Amazon.

So I will break down how anyone can get started on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. 

Who can Start an Amazon KDP Business?

You might be among does who think self-publishing on Amazon is only for writers. This is wrong, anybody can create, self-publish ebooks on Amazon, promote and sell. 

Some categories on the platform do not require any written document to create a book. You can, for instance, create, notebooks, drawing books, puzzle books and other ebooks that don’t require writing. 

So, whoever you are, a graphics designer, beginner etc. as long as you are ready to put in the works, Amazon KDP publishing can work for you. 

However, you have a consider the fact that the advantage of earning on the Amazon KDP platform is higher for writers than others. 

The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

Self Publishing Ebooks on Amazon


  • You can do it without leaving your job
  • You can start without a laptop
  • You can start the business without being a writer
  • You can easily spare an hour in your day to do it
  • It is not that hard to get started, compared to other businesses
  • You don’t need startup capital to begin your KDP business
  • Amazon does the marketing for you


  • It might take some time before you can begin to make money
  • Income is not fix
  • It requires commitment and consistency

Is Amazon KDP Worth it?

You might be asking the question, why Should I start an Amazon KDP Business?

The exciting thing about starting your Amazon KDP Self-publishing business is that:

  • It is free to start
  • You can start making money from anywhere in the world,
  • You don’t have to write a single book
  • Kindle Direct Publishing can be a source of passive income
  • You can start making money as quickly as your first month in the business.
  • You need little effort to market your product/ebook, Amazon does marketing for you

Steps to start making Money On Amazon KDP

How Make Money Fast with Amazon KDP

Create An Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account by signing up here. It is as easy as creating a Facebook account

Choose a Category

Before you continue, you need to choose the categories you would like to work in. This is important because you don’t want to be all over the place in terms of the niche you decide to work on. If you don’t choose a niche at the beginning of your journey, you might end up spreading yourself thin. 

Create Ebook

Creating an ebook is simply the hardest part of the process. If you are a writer or you enjoy writing, this should be easy for you, however, if you cannot write a sentence to save your life, don’t be discouraged. There are other categories of ebooks on Kindle Direct publishing that don’t require writing. You can create for instance a journal, notebook, children drawing book, children’s storybook etc. These books are high sellers no doubt. 

Pick a Title for Your Ebook

Start creating your ebook by picking a topic. Make sure the topic is enticing, descriptive and persuasive. A good topic or ebook title can help your book gain traction against your competition. 

Create Ebook Cover

Your book cover says a lot about the book you are self-publish on the Amazon Platform. Your ebook cover is the first thing customers see when they come across your ebook. You must be meticulous about the ebook cover design 

If you have the resource, you can contract freelancers to help you create good designs that will help you attract customers. However, if you have no money to pay people to create designs for you, you can use free tools like Canva to create a design. 

Craft a captivating Description

Creating a great description for an ebook can be the difference between little or no sales to multiple sales of your ebook, apart from the fact that your book description is an important ranking factor for your ebook, crafting a great description for your ebook can compel people to buy your digital Product. 

Post and Start Self-publishing With Amazon KDP

The next thing is to upload your ebook on Amazon, this should not take you 15 minutes to do. The steps are easy. 

Marketing Your Amazon Self-Publishing Products

I must note at this point that your ebooks don’t sell themselves all the time, it requires some more effort. You might get a couple of sales when you post on the Amazon platform, however, if you want to make more money, you must put in more effort to do so. 

Social Media

You get more sales by sharing your ebook on social media. Encourage your followers to buy, review and recommend your ebook to others. This goes a long way. Try going live on the platforms your audience might be found. Facebook Live, for instance, works like magic.

Digital Advertising

if you believe in your product, you believe it can solve a lot of problems, and of course, you have the budget for it, advertising on digital platforms can be a great idea, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tik-Tok work.

Email Marketing

 As a writer, you need to have and grow your list. This list is your community and if nurtured can get you the sales you want. 

Amazon Ads

To promote your ebook, you can equally run ads on the Amazon platform to reach out to millions of people who will be interesting in getting your book


This is compulsory for writers. You need to get a website for your ebook or books. This helps you build credibility and brand visibility 

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Type of Amazon KDP Products

There are three main types of books you can publish on Amazon 

  • No Content Books: These are books that have no content in them. This type of ebook doesn’t require writing. Examples of these books include notebooks, Journals etc.
  • Low Content Books: These are ebooks with pages between 10 -50.
  • High Content Books: These are books with pages between 50 and above

Facts about Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing that will blow your mind.

  1. Amazon through its Kindle Publishing platform controls 75% of the world’s ebook market
  2. As an ebook creator, Amazon pays you when your ebook or book gets borrowed on Amazon Prime Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited
  3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform is the largest bookstore in the world.
  4. It’s not as easy as most gurus present it to be.

Tools that can help you get the best out of Amazon ebook publishing

Before you start the Amazon KDP business, learn how to use some basic tools that make it easy to create ebooks. 

The tools help you to create ebooks that you can easily upload on the KDP platform and start earning. Interestingly, you can start with some of these tools for free. 


Canva is an easy to use tool that turns anybody into a graphic designer. With the various templates on the app, you can design different graphic content for social media, blog posts, book covers and even ebooks. 

If you want to succeed in your self-publishing business, you will need Canva to create book covers and ebooks. With a free plan, you can get started with making book interiors and covers with templates that give you lines, boxes, frames, image elements, photos, backgrounds, and fonts.

Book Ranking Pro

 This is the complete training system with software tools for creating a bestselling book for any author or publisher on Amazon. The tools help you understand how to get your book on the first page of an Amazon search. 

The also does the following.

  • The tool and training program helps you identify evergreen niches
  • It helps you get Amazon to list your book on one of their hidden bestseller lists
  • It helps you create cutting-edge marketing solutions
  • Detailed market research on all major fiction and nonfiction markets on Amazon so you can find new opportunities for blockbuster sales and attract new readers

And other amazing features that make you a super-rich self-publisher.

Get Book Ranking Pro Now!


Designrr is a tool that helps you convert your blog post into ebooks. If you are already a writer in a particular niche, this can be handy, as it helps you solve the problem of repurposing your previews write-up into ebooks that you can sell.

SPT Research Extension

 SPT Research is a keyword research tool that helps you do industry, niche and keyword research for your ebook on Amazon and other search platforms. 

The Chrome extension helps you get information such as Amazon Best Sellers (ABS), Amazon Best Sellers average, price average and other information that gives you an edge in the business.

Tangent Template

If you want to speed up the process of creating an ebook, you will be needing a Tangent Template. This template help uses previously created templates you can use to grow your business and speed up the publishing of your content.

Factors that determine How much you can make self-publishing on amazon

Quality of Ebook

 The quality of your books determines how much money you make with Amazon KDP. You can’t fool people for too long to buy your substandard work. So make sure your works have a lot of value in them. 


The number of reviews you get helps your book get ranked on the Amazon search engine. However, to get a lot of reviews for your work to rank on search, your book much be top-notch. People only give good reviews to books that add value to their lives.

Book Title and Description

These two elements are very important to the success of your book. Your book title must create curiosity in the mind of those who come across it on Amazon, while your description must cause them to go ahead and buy your book. Learn how to create great titles and mind-blowing descriptions for your book. 

Book Cover Design

If you want your book to succeed, invest in your book cover. Make your ebook attractive enough for people to read the title. You can get a freelancer to create a great cover for your book if you can’t create a very good one.

Number of books publish

 Not all books succeed on Amazon KDP, this is the reason you have to upload more ebooks. The quality and quantity of your ebooks make you more money.

Niche and Industries

Niche and industry matter. Some niches are too saturated others are not compelling enough. Go for industries and niches that people are still interested in. some of these niches include, wealth creation, self-care, health, relationship and others. 

Other frequently asked questions about Amazon KDP

how much does self-publishing on amazon cost?

Self-publishing on Amazon can cost you as low as 0$ if you know or have the skills needed to create an ebook. Sometimes you might need to get help from freelancers to make it easy for you. But you can start with zero dollars. 

How to Create Ebooks for Amazon KDP?

This has been discussed in the article 

Do you have to be a writer before starting an Amazon KDP business?

I answered the question in the main article already. However, you must know that anyone can become an ebook creator even a non-writer. Your writing ability might be very helpful, however, you can start without being a great writer, depending on what you want to do. 

Tips for self-publishing on Amazon?

These tips can be useful to help you succeed in the Amazon KDP business.

  • Ask for reviews from buyers
  • Understand Search Engine optimisation
  • Be consistent
  • Build an audience
  • Know your market

is self-publishing on amazon worth it?

Yes, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is worth it, depending on how determined to succeed you are. 

Why Should I start an Amazon KDP Business?

You can start a KDP business because 

  • It can be a source of passive income
  • It can help you build your audience
  • You can still be earning for works you have published years back.


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