You might have heard a lot about online businesses and how millions of people are making a living, in fact, making billions of dollars with their online businesses.

You might have come across young Nigerian millionaires out there who credit their financial successes to online businesses.

You might be curious as to how they made so much money selling online. Also, you might be curious to know the names of the businesses they are into?

If you like to know how some of them made their fortune, this post is for you.

One of the online businesses most Nigerians are involved in is called Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the biggest online business models in the world right now. According to statistics, the industry will become an $8.2 Billion industry by the year 2022.

If you must know, Affiliate Marketing is the most lucrative online business out there. Interestingly, it is relatively easy to get started.

I’m sure your question right now is what is Affiliate Marketing?

Before I give you a complex definition of the term, let me simplify the term thus: Affiliate marketing is an online business and marketing model, where a person helps another person or business get a consumer to buy a service or product or take a certain action, in other to get a commission for their efforts.

Now let examine an even more complex definition of the term.

According to Investopedia, Affiliate Marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

To break it further down, I will use an illustration. Let assure Shop A deals in wristwatches, you as an affiliate will sign up for the affiliate Marketing Program, you will be given the license to go ahead to promote their product. If you succeed in getting sales, you earn a commission depending on the percentage you agreed on with the shop owner.

There are, but a few, affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria. Most Nigerian Affiliate marketers promote foreign products by foreign affiliate platforms. The prominent Affiliate businesses indigenous to Nigeria are powered by e-commerce giants such as Jumia, Kanga etc.

You should know that Nigerians are making it big from foreign Affiliate marketing platforms like Warrior+, JVzoo, ShareASale, Commission Junction and other top affiliate platforms. However, some top affiliate platforms, like ClickBank, has Nigerians ban from their platform for reasons best known to them.

However, Expertnaire has proven to be the foremost Nigerian Affiliate Marketing platform. It is owned and operated by Nigerians. The only platform closely in competition with Expertnaire Affiliate is the Learnoflix Affiliate platform. Like Expertnaire, Learnoflix promotes digital products through its affiliates.

I am sure you will like to ask; Is Affiliate Marketing profitable in Nigeria. If you stay till the end of the article, I will share with you some case studies of young Nigerians making millions monthly with Affiliate marketing that will blow your mind.

Expertnaire Affiliate Platform

Expertnaire Affiliate Platform is a digital marketplace where digital content and products are listed by content and digital product creators known as Vendors, to be marketed and sold to customers through the affiliate marketing model.

Affiliates connect customers with a helpful and relevant digital product that a vendor creates and the Affiliate get a commission for doing so.

Popularly known by Nigerian Affiliate marketing practitioners as the Click Bank of Nigeria, Expertnaire Affiliate platform is fast becoming the biggest Affiliate Marketing platform in the country. The platforms promote digital products such as books, tutorials courses etc.

Expertnaire serves as a marketplace where vendors list their products and affiliates find customers for the products.

Toyin Omotoso, Founder Expertnaire

The founder of the Nigeria Affiliate Marketing platform, Expertnaire, is Toyin Omotosho. Toyin Omotosho is a seasoned Internet Marketer, Businessman and Business coach.

He is the founder of 7 Star System, the parent company of Expertnaire. He is recognized as one of the top Nigerian affiliate marketers with Click Bank and other affiliate marketing platforms.

Since starting his career in 2008, Toyin has taught hundreds of people how to make money online consistently.

Toyin has ventured into different online businesses, he has made mistakes on how to make money consistently online.

He started Expertnaire, a digital marketplace in 2017, in a bid to create the ClickBank of Nigeria.

Toyin 72IG Implementation Programme is helping hundreds of people earn millions of Naira every month online. Check this video out to know more.

Expertnaire Review; How Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire Works

The Expertnaire platform explores the same Affiliate Marketing model used by major Affiliate marketing platforms all over the world.

This model involves affiliate promoting and selling products listed by vendors for commissions that range from 20% commission to up to 90%.

All you have to do, in other to get started to register on the platform, recommend helpful digital products to customers, make sales and earn a commission.

It’s as simple as that.

How to register for Expertnaire Affiliate Platform Step-by-step

On Expertnaire, you can register, as either a vendor or an affiliate or both. Both require a different mode of registration.

How to sign up for Expertnaire

As an Affiliate, you can register on the Expartnaire platform in two different ways.

  1. You can register as an affiliate by visiting (affiliate website address).

How to sign up for Expertnaire affiliate Program

Note: to register and get started with Expertnaire platform, you will be required to pay the sum of N10000 so that you can be admitted to the platform before you can start promoting products.

Here are the steps to take to get started.

  1. Via the 72 IG Implementation program: This programme is the best way to get started with the Expertnaire affiliate programme.

The course, created by Toyin Omotosho himself, outlines ways to get started with affiliate marketing and selling online. You will learn how to present products to prospective customers and make them buy from you.

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The 72IG Implementation Program

Toyin, in the course, will hold you by hand on how to market online. The program will teach you digital marketing skills such as

  • Facebook Advertising,
  • Copywriting,
  • WordPress creation,
  • Instagram Advertising,
  • Persuasion and selling methods,
  • Whatsapp Advertising, and other skill the course will teach you.

Another features you will enjoy when you get started with the 72 IG implementation programme is the fact that you will not have to pay the N10000, New affiliates will pay to get started.

You will get an account free of charge.

Check out this video to see how you can get started with Toyin Omotoso 72 IG Implementation Program

How To Choose a product to promote on expertnaire

After registering to join, you might want to consider picking products to promote. To be successful in your quest to promote a product, you must consider the five factors.

The Niche

Your niche is your area of specialization. Your area of specialisation might be health, online marketing, sex, relationship, tourism and immigration, finance etc.

So before you decide on the product to promote, you will consider a product that aligns with your niche. You don’t what to promote products on women’s health when your interest is in tourism and immigration.

So before you pick a product, pick a niche

Your Audience

Your audience matter. Before picking a product, you have to ask yourself, is this product relevant and helpful to my audience? Is the product what my audience is desperately looking for? This is because you don’t want to promote Wealth loss products to young men. They won’t buy it.

The Commission

Before you consider promoting a product, make sure the commission on the product is favourable. You don’t want to run at loss promoting a product that pays you little commission while there are other profitable products.

The Market

The market you are promoting should dictate if a product is worth promoting. SO ask yourself, is there a market for this product? DO thorough research to know if people are demanding the product.

The Quality of product and Sales Page

The overall quality of a product should determine if you will queue behind the product. That is why it is advisable to buy the product yourself to see if it’s helpful. Also ask yourself, is the sales page of the product good enough to close prospects. Consider these things before venturing into promoting a product.

You can make money on Expertnaire through the following ways.

  1. You can make money on Expertnaire when you refer people to join the network.
  2. You can make money by listing your product on the platform as a vendor. You can sell your digital products such as ebooks, videos, courses, guides etc.
  3. You can make money by being an affiliate on the platform, that is, recommending products to people to buy.
  4. You can make money by buying courses that helps you make money. A lot of these courses are available on the platform.
  5. Also, you make money when you teach people the money-making secret you learn from these platforms; create courses and sell.

Top Ten Products on Expertnaire Platform

72 IG Immplementation Programme

This course by Toyin Omotoso teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing. From Advertising online to selling to persuasion to creating your first WordPress website to copywriting and a lot more.

Cryptocurrency Wealth Builders

This course will teach you how to create wealth with Crypto-currency. The product promises to empower you the crypto-currency way.

30-day Affiliate Commissions Challenge

This product help affiliates make up to 400,000 a month by challenging them to dominate their market.

Turning Skills Into Cash

This product helps people acquire digital skills that can make them money online. The program grants you access to the Irish Academy which will be arming you with high-income digital skills for 4 weeks.

Freelancer Success Guide

With the freelance success guide, freelancers who are struggling to get gigs can make between $1000 a month, even if they don’t have a website or experience. All this they can do from the comfort of their homes with a laptop and an internet connection.

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative

Created by one of the best copywriters in Nigeria, this course can help you make up to $10,000 a month writing for clients who are ready to pay. Interestingly, you don’t have to have a writing experience.

SkyRoket With Facebook Course

Facebook seemed to be everyone playground. Unknown to many is the fact that a lot of people make thousands of naira from just using this platform.

With this method, you can make a sum of N200,000 a month doing what you love on Facebook.

Start making money from Facebook after watching this video

Work From Home — How to Land Your First Remote Job and Succeed at it

If you want to get jobs outside Nigeria, without a work permit and without leaving Nigeria, this product will show you how to do so. This programme also gives you the opportunity to help your friends and family get jobs too abroad.

Canada Visa Guide in 3 to 6 Months

If you will like to relocate to Canada without the Pallava and frustration that is attached to migration, this course is for you.

Ultimate Move to Canada with Low IELTS Guide

Low IELTS scores are one of the reasons some folks who would have loved to move abroad find it difficult to do so. In this course, the secrets that will help you travel to Canada with a low IELTS score will be revealed to you.

Case Studies how profitable Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing is

I will share case studies with you of how profitable Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing is, and how thousands of Nigerians are making 6 to 8 figures every week.

Mean Bruno Nwogu, started Affiliate Marketing mid-2020. He was probably like you.

At the beginning of 2020, he was earning 40k a month working in Lekki, he was spending 30k on transport. In April 2020, COVID started.

He lost his phone, lost his job in September.

Then, he was introduced to Affiliate Marketing.

Now he earns not less than 400,000 a week.

He has won a car for been a top Expertnaire Affiliate.

Some Screenshots of some Expertnaire affiliate earnings.

Screenshots of the earnings of some Expertnaire Affiliates
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