International Day For Mother Languages: A Call to Preserve Our Native Languages

                International Mother’s Tongue Day: A call to preserve our native language.

The world on the 21 of February celebrates the language diversity that the world is known for. with about 6000 plus languages, the world seems to find its beauty from the diverse cultural heritage it is known for. we must agree with the term of this year’s celebration that all languages in the world matters.

With the worrisome prediction that thousands of world languages, including many natives’ languages of the world, may become extinct by the end of this century, there is the urgent need to preserve the native languages embodied in Nigeria’s diverse cultural heritage. With over 400 languages competing for survival in Nigeria along, the African continent should be graceful enough for the gift of God in the continent. This is possible with the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultural realities in the country and on the continent of Africa.

It is no longer news that the young people are either shy to speak their indigenous language are basically not familiar with these languages. There has been an obvious shift from the appreciation of languages that are inherent to the country. The increased dearth in the use of native languages can be attributed to so many factors which must be addressed urgently.

One factor that we all point to as the reason for the loss of interest in native languages is globalization. The fact that the world now communicates and relate in real time, the need to embrace a uniform and universal language has continued to militate against the survival of indigenous languages. The global consciousness has caused local languages to be displaced. Also, the government has not done much to ensure the survival of these languages. Policies in the educational and official sphere have not been favorable to local languages. Parents have treacherously deal with local languages as they have failed to inculcate it in their kids.

Why should we secure our indigenous languages?

The fact that indigenous languages are our and an important component of our existence should be enough incentive for use as Nigerians to jealously see to the survival of their dialect.

If we as Nigerians do not want to lose our identity, our languages must be preserved. The language serves as the embodiment of the philosophy, history, religion, idiosyncrasy of any people. We young people need to see to it that it is preserved.

How Should we Preserve Our Languages:

There are simple was to preserve local languages, they include the following.

  1. Let Value local languages
  2. We must all learn to communicate with it
  3. We must teach every child to value and communicate with these languages.


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