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Creator’s Corner: 10 Ways To Motivate Yourself While Working From Home

Working from home


As a writer and a photographer, there is nothing more I enjoy than to work remotely. I love the flexibility of such an arrangement and the fact that I do not have to deal with the traffic on our road. However, I discovered that I tend to lose motivation and drive when I work from home for a long time. This reduces my productivity and creativity.

When it was evident that I would be working from home for a very long time as a result of the lockdown, I had to do something about my loss of motivation after a while of working from home.

Corona Virus Pandemic has changed the way we interact with people, express our creativity and earn a living. The pandemic has made interaction minimal. The idea of working from home has become a thing. This change is definitely a difficult one for people whose work requires them to interact with people.

This situation might be a thing some creatives who can comfortably get used to, however, not all creatives are comfortable working from home. Some creatives are good at motivating themselves, while others need to be nudged before they can get things done. This, in other words, means that some creatives work better when they are motivated and supervised by people, especially a mentor or a boss.

One reality is sure, remote jobs will be in fashion even after COVID-19 is long gone. So it is important we get used to working from home. The following are some of the tips that have helped me stay sane and motivated while working from home.

Always Set A daily Goals

Working for home is fun but not easy. Your home is not set up for work. It was set up for comfort and rest. This reality would somewhat impact the way you work.

So each day you wake up to work, always ensure you write out what you intend to achieve that week or that day. This will help you focus on what is important to you and what your priorities are. It is preferable you write your goals down on a whiteboard, where you can see it.

Writing your goals down will help you focus on what you are doing.

Do what you absolutely Love

Working from home is easy when you do what you absolutely love. It will be as though you are having fun while been paid to do so. Doing what you love will help you stay motivated and focus. Instead of watching Netflix, you will likely be buried in what you are doing.

Talk to people about your work:

It is important you talk about your work to somebody close to you. Somebody who also shares in your interest for what you do.

This kind of people will naturally motivate you to do something or even give you ideas to work with. It is preferable that the person is your boss or mentor. Because you respect these people, you will tend to feel accountable to these people. 

You can also speak to your spouse to help you stay focus. Tell them what you want to achieve and tell them how they can help you stay focus and motivated to help you achieve it.

Reward Yourself.

Sometimes we don’t value ourselves enough to reward ourselves for what we have achieved. For instance, if you achieved all the goals you set for yourself the previous day, reward yourself with a movie time or with your favourite snack or even go shopping.

It is important you value yourself enough to reward yourself for the work you have done. These can go a long way to motivate you.

Set up A Work Space In Your Home

It is wrong and very counterproductive to work in your bedroom or your sitting room. You will get easily distracted. If you can, set up a workspace for yourself, like an office, a place your kids or those around you would not interrupt your work.

If you do not have enough space in their homes, consider creating a small section for work in your apartment. This will go a long way to keeping you focused.

Take Time Off Sometimes

Sometimes you need a break. When you have worked for a while, leave what you are doing and go on a break. This would refresh you and help you relax. Make sure you don’t get carried away while on break. Don’t lose track of time.

Make a schedule

A written schedule is a template that helps you know how your day will go. It will help you program your day to ensure that you are focused and fired you. Always make one available. Jim Rohn’s quote is relevant here “Either you run your day or the day runs you”

Work Out/Take a walk

Creativity is enhanced when you work out or take a walk. You will get creative ideas that would help you stay motivated. When you are hooked or held down by a creative block, go on a walk. This is very helpful.

Make Conscious Effort Not to be distracted

Working for home have its creative hazard. A lot of distraction from every angle, your children are on your neck, while your spouse wants your attention too. This is aside distractions like TV the internet and even the comfort around you.

However, to deal with this issue you must make efforts to curtail any form of distraction, either from the children or the spouse. Ensure you create time for your love ones, but also make sure that they knew when you are available or not. If a particular hobby distracts you, create time for it, but don’t let it affect your work.

Write out what you have achieved each day

Ensure you write out what you have achieved. If you failed to get things done as you wished, evaluate why you failed. Where there are successes, celebrate and share the news with people who will appreciate these seemingly little achievements.

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