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Five Ideas Newly Married Must Discard To Enjoy Their Marriage.


  Five Ideas Newly Married Must Trash To Enjoy Their Marriage.

Marriage for a new couple is a new experience that cannot be taught or learnt through observation. It is a peculiar reality. Marriage is known to bring out the best and the worst in a person depending on the fortune of the persons involved.

While the reason for great marriage cannot be outlined or categorically pin-pointed, so also, is it hard to understand why some marriages fail. One thing, however, is important to the success of a marriage. Attitude. The disposition of a person to marriage, based on his/her mindset could make or mar a marriage.

Most married couples get into nuptial union with a mind-set that is not necessarily erroneous but detrimental to the health of the marriage. They seem to judge their marriage on the realities of other marriages. A reality that is not objective enough to be factual. It is important that couple, especially, newly married couple, should purge themselves of certain preconceptions for their marriage to blossom. They need to study and grow a relationship that works for them

Here Are Some Ideas About Marriage You Must Trash As You Go Into Marriage.

Love is All We Need

Love is one of the most important elements in relationship and marriage. However, it is only potent to hold a marriage down when other important elements of marriage are taken into cognizance. Marriage is about sacrifices not merely love. You love your partner only if you are ready to subjugate your desire for him/her.

Communication is key. What is the essence of love if it cannot be expressed? Love only strive when it is communicated. Love can take you and your spouse far, but may not be able to get your further. Factors like finance, compatibility, understanding, and tolerance are also paramount in keeping once the marriage.

Gender Roles

There is the idea that a woman and man in a marriage have their official family duties. This might not be true for your marriage. It is expected that a woman must know how to cook or be the housekeeper while a man must be handy and must be the sole provider for the family. This arrangement must not work for your marriage.

You wife might not adore cooking – she might be clumsy in handling the home. A husband may not be financially buoyant. He might have to rely on his wife for this. This implies that you must know each other, your strength and weakness. You must try to augment and find a balance in handling the peculiarities of your family.

A dogmatic disposition to gender role could be detrimental to your marriage health. Note: I am not against gender role and the duties allocated to each person in a marriage. I am only saying that you must find a model that works for your relationship.

Marriage is Always Blissful

The statement marriage is bliss is relative. Yes, marriage could be blissful amidst chaos and hardship, depending on how the partners see it. You should know, however, that marriage is hard work. It takes constant efforts to circumvent the ups and downs of marriage. Marriage could sometime become a nightmare. Far from how we view it. It takes hard work and determination to get the best out of marriage.

Marriage Should Be About Forgetting Past Life

Marriage should not make you lose yourself. Newly married are fond of forgetting important and fulfilling things that once mattered to them. Some folks have given up important hubbies, jobs and career because they have taken a vow. Some have forgotten friends, family members and relationship that once caused them to smile because the spouse wants them to let go, or because they feel that holding on to this relationship will hurt their marriage. Except if that relationship, hubby and job really hurt your marriage or spouse in the real sense of it, you should not let go of them because you are married.

I know All There Is To Know About My Spouse

If you think you know your spouse, then there is a lot you don’t know. Even a ten years courtship will not reveal that people you claim you love totally. No, I am not saying the people pretend in marriage, all I am saying is that people change, people grow, learn and relearn. The earlier version of your spouse might give way to a new version after marriage. People change, physically, emotionally and behaviorally. All you can do is to try to understand the new version of your spouse, communicate about these changes and try to help each other get better.

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