Because You Love Me – Part 7 (Prose Series)

Because You Love Me (Part 7) 

(If you missed the earlier parts, Read them here.)

For over three weeks since Adeola and Oladimeji got to the United Kingdom none of them called me. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Adeola’s call, but then I kept checking my phone to see Oladimeji’s call. About four weeks after Oladimeji call came in, I picked almost immediately, “I’m in town” he announced after little pleasantries. Can we meet tonight he asked, and then I agreed to meet him?

My marriage to Adeola has been torturous. I haven’t relished my marriage a bit. He neither called or came home since he traveled. I dropped messages for him but didn’t reply any, and his family kept calling me to ask for their son. Grandma once joked that I might not get pregnant for her grandson if care is not taken because he has traveled more than he has been home, I laughed hysterically at her dry joke. I know within me, that I don’t want to get pregnant for Adeola, because I am emotionally tortured.

Oladimeji wanted us to meet at a mall, I declined because I don’t want to be seen in the public with him and then I don’t want history to repeat itself.

“You can come over to my house,” I said, he declined at first but after explaining to him that my husband wasn’t in town, he accepted. A few minutes past 6 he was in my sitting room,

“Such a beautiful house I must confess,” he said, as he settled down on the cushion. After making him feel comfortable, I spoke first.

“Oladimeji, you know how much I loved to be married to you, you know how much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Oladimeji you know I made you my top priority and yet you shattered my hope of spending my life with you”. I continued without him uttering any word to interrupt me.

“I was celibate for years, hoping you would come back, just so you know I never wanted to date Adeola, but then, he showed me love that makes me feel loved, and here am suffering in the hands of Adeola. He turned me into a punching bag. He finds mistakes in all I do, he barely make love to me, he never sees anything good about me.” All this while my eyes were flooded with tears. I tried to control my emotion, but I failed.

“This pain is too much Dimeji. I’ve hidden this pain for too long and it is taking its toll on me.” He stood and cuddled me, one that gave me an unusual reassurance.

“Feyimi” he called out softly. “I never regret loving you, I only regret you are not mine today and sincerely it wasn’t what I intended to do. Baby, what I am about to tell you might cause so many problems, I have been too scared to tell you, but today I am not scared anymore. if telling you will bring you back to me, so I don’t care.”

“Just tell me” I screamed at him. He told me to have my seat and listen to him.

“After uncle died, I find it difficult to continue my education, I was working like a donkey with no time to rest, then so many fees to pay for. one day after class, I asked a friend to lend me a certain amount of money that I will repay it in a few weeks. I was unable to pay the money on time as agreed, the money was actually used to my pay up my fees. I kept promising the said student that I will pay up soon and then it rolled into months. The student couldn’t take it anymore, so I was arrested. I spent two days at the police custody before I was bailed. I learned my friend rallied around the school to raise the fund for me and to bail me.”

“So, during running around to get the money to help me out, he met a guy who gave him all the money to pay my debt. The next day I met the guy who helped me out. He is a Nigerian, in his finals studying mechatronics. We became friends and a helper.”

“One night, after work, my new friend called me over to his apartment, he was having a party. I got there and met quite a few boys in the apartment with no girls in sight. I got settled in, and then he introduced me to the house that I am his new friend. An hour after I got in, I saw the most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed. They all started kissing, romancing while some made love right in the sitting room. I have never been against homosexuality but then seeing them in a large number displaying it disgusted me.

“My friend came closer to me, he told me to have fun to the fullest, I must confess, I nauseated at the sight. About an hour later I made to leave the party, my friend asked if there was anything wrong, I had to lie that my uncle’s wife needed my attention in her apartment that night. The following week at the school cafeteria, I saw my friend for the first time after the party at his house. Then he told me who he really is.”

“I am homosexual, I derived pleasure from same-sex relationships,” he said. “You can hate me, but I am not `bothered,” He continued to share his story with me.

He told me the story of his days in boarding school and how, unlike his friends, he was attracted to boys. He felt different, like an alien from outer space. He always nurtured the fantasy of being touched aroused by his friend. According to him, he couldn’t share this feeling with anyone, because he knew that everyone will reject him.

“He narrated that he met somebody he shared sexual orientation with after several years. He afterward told me to be his lover.
Dimeji paused, stood up and came closer to me, he held my hands and looked into my eyes whilst he continued what he was saying.

“Feyi,” he said, “you might wonder if I accepted his offer? I did,” he continued.

I stared at him, waiting for him to say his whole narration was a tale under the moonlight. “I date him. Feyi I needed the money and the many things he was offering” he said aloud. He continued while I listened keenly, but my heart kept weeping. I couldn’t believe he left me for a man, he forsook our love and commitment for a man.

“He helped me out with everything and even helped me become a citizen of the United Kingdom”

“Oladimeji” I called out his name, like a mother trying to scold their child. he tried as much as he can to avoid my gaze. I asked him why he didn’t call to tell me he was no longer interested and why he had to delete his social media accounts.

“Yes he asked me to delete them all, he monitors everything, he also saw your pictures and realize we were so much in love with each other, he asked me to choose between you and him, my heart wants you but then he was ready to assist me financially. I was hoping I will date him only for a year, and thereafter come back to Nigeria after studies to be with you. But then I couldn’t come back immediately as I got an intern job and also start my photography classes so I couldn’t come back to Nigeria until your wedding.”

He stopped and whispered into my ears, “Feyikemi, the friend I have been talking about is your husband, Adeola.”
The word hit me like a volcano, I sank on the chair, held my head in my palms as I stare into the oblivion. I jolt back to life as Oladimeji shakes my body. You can’t be serious right now, I said immediately I opened my eyes, you mean I have been married to a gay? I am finished I kept screaming, Dimeji tried to calm me down so he can continue but I didn’t give him a listening hear. I grabbed my car keys, ran to the garage and drove out. I didn’t know what to think, but I kept on driving.

What do you think her reaction should be to this news?

If you missed the earlier parts, Read them here.

Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMagFollow her on Facebook

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