Because You Love Me – Part 6 (Prose Series)

After pacing down the hospital hallway for over four hours, I decided to go home. My phone battery was already dead from too many missed calls from my husband. I kept Dimeji’s car under the watch of a security guard and as well told the hospital that I will come very early the next morning to check up on him.

The journey home that night was a long one. I kept asking myself over and over if he will survive the gunshot wounds.
I got home, knocked on the big gate, expecting the gateman to open, but instead it got opened with a thunderous slap on my left cheek.

“Where are you coming from?” Adeola shouted at the top of his voice. I was in shock and I couldn’t utter any word, he came towards me again and hit me for the second time, “lady: I’m asking you where you are coming from and where is your car” he shouted again.

“I left it in the school,” I managed to answer him.

“And why didn’t you call the mechanic if It was giving you issues?” he asked,

“it’s not faulty, I just don’t have the strength to drive,” I said, as tears clouded my eyes.

“So, you left your car in school?” He said. he grinned as though he was being entertained by an idiot. “So why are you home late woman?” He shouted again.

I wasn’t ready for any banter, I was still trying to deal with the robbery attack that had Demola hospitalized.
Hope I did not marry an enemy thinking he is a husband I thought to myself as I lay down on the bed while I cry silently, I couldn’t sleep all through the night and Adeola didn’t come inside the room all through the night, he was just out there shouting over the phone.

I woke up early the next morning, so I can go to the hospital first before heading to school. I got to the emergency unit to find people wailing, my heart literally jumped out of my mouth on sighting them. I ran to the ward Oladimeji is in, he wasn’t there. it was another person that laid on the bed. I feared the worst. I got to the reception to ask the nurse where Oladimeji is. The 20 seconds the nurse used in searching for the file was the longest 20 seconds of my life, as my heart kept racing like a car with no breaks

She cleared her throat which jolted me back to reality, “madam he has been moved to the male ward after the surgery.”

“What surgery?” I asked, forgetting it a bullet wound which required surgery.

“Where is the male ward?” I asked calmly, at least it not my worst fear that happened. He laid calmly on the bed, He struggled to mutter the words to talk to me when he saw me. He looks numbed, but I am very grateful he is alive.

Oladimeji spent two weeks in the hospital. I checked up on him every day, I met some of his family at the hospital as well. They asked me why I wasn’t married to their son instead, because they believed we were in love. I never met any of his siblings or family while we were dating, I was meeting them for the first time, and painfully it in a sad condition.

The two weeks Oladimeji spent in the hospital, made me realize how much I love him. I wished I married him instead.
At home, Adeola became a shadow from the past. we gradually became enemies. we are barely married for two months and yet we are always at loggerheads with each other. I kept asking him after each fight what I did wrong, and every fight always ends with an apology.

Our sex life reduced drastically after our honeymoon, We didn’t share a room any longer. He wasn’t like this before the wedding, he was too perfect to have a fault and he was in love with me ‘so I thought”.

Few weeks after Oladimeji experience, I went to his family’s house to meet him, he was already feeling better.

“Baby girl,” he called me softly as I offered myself a sit beside him, “thank you for staying by me throughout my stay at the hospital, it means a lot.” We didn’t get to discuss deep as there were a few people in the house, but then he promised to tell me all that happened on another date.

My level of curiosity grew every day, as I kept pushing hard for him to tell me what happened. A week later, he called to tell me he will be traveling to the United Kingdom for something very important and that he will be back in less than a month. The news didn’t go down well with me, but who I’m I to tell him not to go.

Few days after Oladimeji departure to the United Kingdom, my husband got back from work, he acted all lovey-dovey as I opened the door for him, as usual, I was expecting another episode of our senseless argument, but, then, he surprised me.

He carried me up swiftly and took me to the bedroom, while he made sweet love to me. He is actually romantic when he wants to be. I slept off after the sweet love. I woke up very early the next morning to a cup of coffee made by Adeola, very unusual. I sat quietly as I seat on the bed. I couldn’t get the reason for his sudden show of care, this was who he was before he sold his soul anger.

“Baby I will be travelling to the United Kingdom this weekend,” he said as he strolled into the sitting room that afternoon. “I have a business meeting plus training that will last a month,” he said. He kissed my cheek, while I stare at the television. I didn’t show much concern about what he said but I smiled.

The level of his care increased before the weekend he was to travel, I saw him off to the airport, all with a big smile and hugs. he apologized again for all he has done to hurt me. He said he was experiencing “emotional torture”. He also promised to love me more than when we just met. I left the airport after takeoff. I got home that afternoon and I began to wonder what he meant by emotional torture because literally, he is the one torturing me emotionally.

Is it coincidental that Adeola and Demola travelled to the United Kingdom at the same time, follow us to quench your curiousity.

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Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMagFollow her on Facebook
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