Because You Love Me – Final Part (Prose Series)

Because You Love Me – Final Part

“I knew you before meeting you at the school, you were my ‘boyfriend’s girlfriend,” he said, laughing hysterically. He moved towards me and hit me the bottom of the gun, “you fucking bitch”.

His mum came forward this time and told him to allow me to go, he shoved his mum violently and called her the most demeaning name ever.

“you witch go away” he said. “Oh, you are wondering why I called her a witch. She is a witch, she killed my father, just because she beats her for being stubborn and adulterous. She poisoned my dad and I can never forgive her.”

His mum laid on the floor as she wept bitterly. “She bribed her way out of court that why she isn’t in jail rotting” he added. “Feyi, I married you to inherit my dad’s property. You know the property was officially given to me after our wedding, I would have divorced you a long time ago, but part of the will has not been given to me, it until I have my first child. But now that won’t happen, as I don’t need it, I am okay with the one I have gotten. I never loved you a bit, but because Oladimeji spoke well of you, I decided to use you to get the will. I thought I will be able to manipulate you but then you proved stubborn, I tried faking the love and care, but you choose to be stupid.”

“I only love Oladimeji, he is the only one I have sincerely love, he has everything I want, but then he chooses a woman over me, He chose you. Feyi, I can’t let you live, because of Oladimeji, I can’t imagine him leaving me alone for you, I will rather see you dead than you having Oladimeji” he said. His face bore evil. He was the opposite of the person i once loved.

He dashed towards me, this time more aggressively. He dragged me up from the floor and placed the gun on my head.

I begged him to forgive me and promised him that I will leave Oladimeji for him, he didn’t answer, as my pleading fell on deaf ears. I could hear his heart pumping faster, I prayed quickly for forgiveness as I knew he will pull the trigger. His mum kept shouting for help, she called on the gatekeeper who has been watching all this while, the gateman ran out to call for help. He came back with Oladimeji, who ran in and came forward to Adeola, he shoved him to the ground. just then I heard a gunshot.

Oladimeji fell, with blood gushing out of his stomach. I fainted on sighting him collapsed at the impact of the shot.

I woke up at the hospital with Adeola mum beside my bed crying, “grandma what happened?” I asked.

She couldn’t answer but I sensed there was something wrong. I had forgotten about the incident that happened a few hours ago. I sat upright on the bed.

I questioned her again for the reason I am in a hospital bed. Just then it hit me that Oladimeji has earlier been shot by Adeola, I stood up immediately and told grandma to tell me where Oladimeji is admitted, she kept crying without talking. The nurse came in and try to calm me down, but I shoved them as I ran to the reception.

After about 30 minutes of my nonstop scream, the doctor finally took me to his office and broke the news to me. Oladimeji died about an hour ago, he couldn’t survive the shot.

The shock of the news shot into my spine, and I collapsed again. I woke up the third day to see my parents beside me, they kept trying to console me. I was more than devastated, I was psychologically unbalanced. I spoke to myself more than I do to people. I lost the most precious thing life gave me.

It has been three months since Oladimeji passed on. living without him is one thing that I have never imagined. I lost him for some years only to found him again, but now he will be gone and won’t return forever.

The police invited me to the station for my statement. Adeola has been detained at the police station, I asked to see him. He begged me to forgive him. He said he is now ready to marry me and that I should help him out because his mum has officially disowned him. I left him without uttering a word. I just want him to pay for his crime.

On the first day of the court hearing. Adeola looked terrible as though he had suffered from the cruel hands of a thousand men in the cell. He saw me and started crying, his tears brewed more hatred in me for him. I couldn’t believe this was the man I got married barely 6 months ago.  The court hearing lasted for about 6 months.

The Prosecuting counsel, on the day the judge was to give its verdict, called Demilade out as a witness, I could bare see the reason for this.

Demilade gave the most shocking revelation, he told the court that Adeola molested him for the few months he stayed with him. Now I understood the reason for Demilade disposition why I though him those day. He had been sexually preying on the young boy all this while.

I sat and watched as the Judge pronounced the execution of Adeola for his crime. His tears didn’t make my heart skip a beat. deep down I felt Oladimeji has gotten justice and now he could rest in peace.

It has now been seven years and I haven’t given love a chance because the man who had my heart locked has left with the keys. Maybe, I will give love a chance later, but for now, I want to live my life relishing the memory I shared with Oladimeji.

I sat quietly at the graveyard where Oladimeji was laid to rest, I wrote out a poem and sang it to his hears, if only he could hear me.

That night, I dreamt and saw Oladimeji. I screamed and asked him to stay with me, but he said he couldn’t. I woke up and started crying. I felt betrayed and alone in a hallow world, But I will continue to live BECAUSE HE LOVED ME.


Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMagFollow her on Facebook.

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Note that Station Magazine will bring you another series by Osunyomi Adenike Felicia.


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