A Perfect Gentleman (Part 1) Ogunyomi Adenike


A Perfect Gentleman (Part 1) Ogunyomi Adenike

I kept checking the time; I was experiencing the same feeling I always have whenever I am nervous or running late. I left the park where i have been waiting like forever, I headed to the BRT stand, purchased my ticket and I grudgingly joined the queue, yes, I am a big fan of the BRT, but I hate the fact that the buses are not readily available which usually result in the long queues.

The queue, as expected was long, I can’t spend another 30 min here, I have to get to the front of the queue, but I still have to maintain my position if at all, my attempt becomes futile. I tapped the middle-aged man in my front, ‘’sir I am at your back’’ I whispered, he nodded affirmatively.

I left hoping to meet someone I know at the front or if I can beg someone that will allow me to stay in front of him/her. I got to the front, and I didn’t see any person I know, but I decided to just rest on the rail till the bus arrives.

I brought out my phone to while away time, then I heard this husky voice, the most beautiful voice I have heard in recent times.”Don’t know why these buses take time to get here” the voice spoke beside me.

“Nah”, I wanted to talk but I was lost for words, I stammered then composed myself almost immediately, ‘it always their thing’, I replied, hoping it was the right word to use.

“Okay” he responded, then asked me thereafter if I am at the front or I had my position at the back, I replied, and he replied with the softest and sweet whisper, “come to my front”.

I felt this tiny rumble in my stomach. His lips touched the lobe of my ear. I walk gently with him to his queue, he begs the guy behind him for me to take a position in front of him. After much ado, the guy agreed. Minutes after, we were inside the bus.

“I am Olamilekan, and you are?”

“Mofioluwasade, Sade for short” I replied. He looks at me with a mischievous countenance, I understand it is because of my name; People do that a lot.

Then he said jokingly with a smile, “I haven’t heard such a beautiful name before, your parents must be pastors”.

We talked about different names we have heard that either sounds strange or funny, I love his smile, which I must confess with a small gap tooth.
The journey to work was one of the most beautiful I have ever had, he alighted before me but not after he collected my number promising to call during his lunch break. I got to my office and resume to work almost immediately. I frequently stare at my phone in anticipation of his call

At exactly 2pm his call came in, hearing his voice alone gave me Goosebumps.

“Hi Lady Sade,” he said, I imagined him smiling and exposing his gap tooth and his almost perfect dentition, I replied him selecting my words as he pauses to know if I am still with him.

“Good afternoon Mr Lekan, how is work going?” I replied without mincing words, work is going fine he replied, we spoke about a few more things, then he promised to call back at the end of work after he has gotten home. But I told him to allow me to do the calling instead because I will be going for evening service, and I am likely to get back home a bit late.

I couldn’t concentrate well in the evening service, as my head was clouded with the thought of Lekan, someone I just met not up to 24 hours, I must confess, I was already crushing on him.

I left the church almost immediately after benediction instead of waiting to exchange pleasantries with my folks in church like I usually do. I got home and immediately dialled his number. I felt the tiny rumble in my stomach again, as my phone showed that the receiver as picked.

“Hey miss church” he said, I laughed at his joke and responded sounding sarcastic too “hey unbeliever, how are you?”

“I am doing quite fine, only that I’ve missed hearing your voice” he responded and it took me aback as it swept me off my feet. The rest of the call was just more of knowing a bit about each other, we spoke for another fifteen minute before we called it a day, but we promise to wait for each other when we get to the bus terminal in the morning.
The following two weeks I had a meeting with Lekan, which was quite eventful. Now we go out often for either lunch or to see a movie. In all sincerity, I was getting so fond of him, as I see him to be part of me already. I always look forward to his calls, messages and chats; Olamilekan is a perfect gentleman, which every lady definitely wants as a husband…..

…… I tried opening my eyes, this can’t be real I manage to whisper, who are you, what are you doing here, I continued my questioning without opening my eyes or moving my body, yet I felt the presence of a being in the room, the figure which was masculine was fanning my body while caressing me, I was scared and tried shouting for help, but my lips couldn’t move, then the figure began laughing at me, making jest of me and yet I couldn’t fathom what was happening.


Get ready for the next part.

About The Writer 

Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMagFollow her on Facebook.

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