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6 Reasons You Should Register Your Business Today

Starting your business can be very hectic. The demands can be very tiring as young entrepreneurs

However, if you really want to solidify the vision behind your quest to start a business, it is important you legitimate it by registering it.

Business Registration can be done by the appropriate government agency, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), that is responsible for the business registration.

The unfortunate part of Business registration is the fact that some entrepreneurs do not understand the processes involved.

The Business Name Registration which is under part B of the Companies and Allied Matters Act is as easy as speaking to a consultant.

Here are some of the benefits of registering your business.

Business Legitimacy

If you want your business to be seen as legitimate and you want to make your clients invest their money and trust in your business, they must see that it is registered. Serious people, people who want value for their money would more likely deal with businesses that are registered than those that are not. It is important you so your business favour by registering it for customer confidence.

Bank Dealings

If you intend to have any dealings with any banks. If you want to open an account for your business, if you intend to take a loan and other banking services, you will be required to register your business. So why wait until you need a bank service before you start the process.

 Name Protection

The whole essence of name registration is that fact that the name you have chosen for your business is not taken or being used by another business. It is, therefore, you register your business so that the identity of your business is protected.

Certificate of Incorporation

When you register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), government agency empowered to register companies, you will be issued a certificate by the relevant agency of government.

Legal Protection

The law will readily protect your business against any wrong if it has a registered identity. For instance, if your business has been fraudulently dealt with, the law will readily protect it if it has a corporate identity. You cannot seek redress in court for a business that does not legally exist.

Reduced Price For Young Entrepreneurs

One other motivation for businesses registration is the fact that CAC has slashed the fee for business registration for young entrepreneurs by 50 per cent. This benefit, however, comes to an end on the 30th of this month. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

To register your business without hassle, sent a mail to joshuaoyenigbehin@gmail.com or Reach out to Royal Lead Media.

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