10 years old, Anissa Moses-Saromi, has published her second book two short story collections titled ‘Because I Am’ and ‘Ricky’s Ridiculousness’.

The young writer in “Because I am” tells the stories of children who overcome difficult circumstances and find success through diligence, determination and the kindness of strangers.

Her second collection, ‘Ricky’s Ridiculousness” tells the story of a 9-years-old boy who got himself into a lot of mischiefs.

“Ricky’s Ridiculousness is a collection of stories from several recounts I wrote in school, some of which earned me prizes for creative writing. I decided to recreate the stories by making a book out of them to show the mischief children my age engage in, and the consequences that come with such acts of mischief,” she said.
Chido Onumah, coordinator of African Centre for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL), said the books will inspire young readers.

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“Young readers will feel inspired by the heartwarming stories of children who don’t simply make wishes, but use their heads, their hands and their hearts to make their wishes come true,” he said.

The young writer has won a lot of award for her creative writing.

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