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My Campus Story: Share You Campus Experience With Us And Get Airtime

Nigeria higher institution is full of unending drama, unique experiences, disappointments, fun memories. Apart from the palaver of lectures and that of your fellow student, a Nigerian student surely as fun, unique and interesting stories tell about life on Campus.

It is for this reason that Station Magazine is calling on students of any higher institution in Nigeria, to write creatively about their experiences as students on its new series “My Campus Story“.

We want to know about the drama, the good, the bad and the ugly experiences that are both emotional and interesting.

Station Magazine will be rewarding with airtimes contributors with well written and beautiful curated stories about their lives and experience on any Nigerian campus.

Please, keep them coming, let the world experience Nigerian campuses through your creative eyes.

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Joshua Oyenigbehin is an introvert who is passionate about Storytelling, writing, and teaching. He sees his imagination as an unsearchable world, more magical than a fairyland. He has written a novel and working on another

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