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Nickelodeon Initiates Global Programme To Mentor Animation Creators

In a bid to developing budding animation creatives around the globe, Nickelodeon has initiated a new ‘Intergalactic Shorts Program’.

The Executive Vice President of the for animation production and development, Ramsey Naito, is expected to coordinate the efforts of the project.

Conrad Vernom, producer of ‘Sausage Party,’ will function as the program executive producer, while Derek Evanick and Diana Lafyatis, who respectively produced ‘Harvey Beaks’ and ‘Adventure Time’, will serve as the program’s ‘creative braintrust’.

The project which is expected to disrupt the future of animation film production has its theme as the word ‘intergalactic’.

“Our shorts program is intergalactic because we want to create a universe of new stars ready to make the next big animated hits of the future,”

“Our doors are open to the best ideas out there and around the world, and we can’t wait to get started building this new home for visionary talent.” Naito said.

Station Magazine understands that the selected creators for the project will have access to in-house supports from the cable television. Their entries will also be developed into a fully-finished animated short and aired on different platforms.

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