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Homevida Calls For Entries For Its Script Writing Competition

The Nigeria Integrity Film Awards (HomeVida) is a unique platform out to provides incentives for young scriptwriters and filmmakers to promote integrity values using film while influencing the wider public.

it is in view of this that HomeVida has introduced a short script competition for upcoming scriptwriters with themes that center around Rape and Sexual Assault.

Short Script Competition Criteria 2019

Criteria for selecting the winning scripts in Rape and Sexual Assault category. supported by Luminate.

As part of our strategy to raise more awareness and educate citizens on the effects of sexual assault and rape, Homevida with support from Luminate is putting out a call for short scripts that focus on the above issue. The issue of rape and sexual abuse has become very rampant in recent times and it is important to encourage survivors to speak out and seek help, and in the part of the government, there should be policies put in place to punish such offenders. This category is based on the effects of rape and sexual abuse on survivors, the polices government should adopt to curb and punish offenders and giving educational tips on resources to survivors.

Scriptwriters are encouraged to develop stories that creatively demonstrate one or a combination of the following;

  • How the issue of rape and sexual abuse is perceived in Nigeria and the effects of rape or sexual assault on survivors
  • Signs of sexual abuse or rape parents/guardians should  look out for in their children
  • Signs of sexual manipulation and grooming young people should look out for
  • Polices the government should adopt to curb and punish sex offenders
  • Rehabilitation steps and programs that can help survivors recover.
  • The effect of social media in highlighting the issues relating to rape and sexual abuse.
  • How to help the victims of sexual abuse and rape to heal.

Two winners will emerge from this category

Each winner will receivethe sum of N250, 000 and their short film will be turned into a short film which is then premiering at HomeVida award events and festivals.

The endowment is aimed at choosing two winning scripts that best inculcate some of the values mentioned above. Thereafter, the winning short scripts shall be turned into short films. The competition is open to scriptwriters between the ages of 16 to 35 years of age.

To Be Eligible All Submitted Scripts Must Be:

  1. Able to fit into a 5-25 minutes’ short film. Scripts should be no more than 5 – 20 pages in length.
  2. Have well-defined characters and plot.
  3. Your script must be original and creative.
  4. You must be a Nigerian between the ages of 16-35.
  5. Your script must be focused on Nigeria (must have a Nigerian context)
  6. Typed and presented professionally in Microsoft Word, PDF.
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