Because You Love Me (Part 1) (Prose Series)


(PART 1)

It was a cold stormy night. I peeped out of the window, and I was mesmerized with the atmosphere, it wasn’t the usual night experience, tonight is totally different. The curtain binds bow to the winds that blew in, to blow my spirit away. I was lost in the euphoria of the environment and the fact that time runs more than a cheetah.  I lay down on the bed, facing the ceiling, more like I was counting the bricks that formulate the ceiling. I was deeply lost in thought, yeah, I love him, love is an understatement at that, and he is my world.

It’s the eve of my wedding, a day that had got me glued to the calendar for over three months. I will be walking down the aisle with the man that completes my life, my whole being I murmured softly.  I went over to my wedding gown hung beside my favorite dress, the one I wore on my first date with him. I wasn’t particularly looking for anything; I was just filled with an exceptional joy that gladdens my heart.

Just then I decided to call my Romeo, he picked up at the third ring, I could feel the smirk on his face which always follows with a grin. His voice is always the most beautiful, it sounds better every day, his use of words is always my watch out for every second, he is truly bestowed.

“Hey, pumpkin,” he said to the receiver,

I paused for a millisecond, “hey hussy” I finally found my voice.

I am a fast talker, but most times when I hear his voice my own voice fails me, I love this man I heaved.

The rest of the conversation was more of promising ourselves repeatedly, his assurance for me was more than I have imagined, then we deviated to preparations at our end. We had decided to use the same caterer, the same designers and every other thing except the photographer. We had wanted to use the service of the same photographer for our pre-wedding pictures, but then one of his close friends had called to do it for us, stating that, it’s his widow’s mite for us I laughed when my Romeo told me.

He had spent over an hour telling me about his close friend the day he called; he was a senior in the university he exclaimed, hulky and very bold, his beards give way to girls flocking around him, he is beautiful ‘gawd’. I would have gotten overly jealous if the compliments were for a lady, but it’s a guy.

I listened keenly as he continued to describe how amazing the characteristics of the said friend.

“I helped him when he had a problem, that is how we became friends, and I think he wants to repay me by doing this” Adeola said.

Adeola isn’t more of a storyteller, but he told me a story, then I imagined how truly amazing the friend is, and I can’t wait to meet him I said.

At the first cockcrow in the morning, the ladies all flooded my room for the makeover and dressing. I put a call to Adeola, for the assistant photographer his friend wants to send to me, as the said friend will be the one to do his.

At exactly 10 am, I was at the entrance of the church, as the choir showered me in with the “AMAZING GRACE” hymn. I walked through the aisle with my dad to see my prince charming. with a beaming smile radiating all over my face and the whole congregation standing up and the camera flashes focused on me, I couldn’t hide my joy, the officiating pastor was more like it; the sermon was brief and concise and at 11 am I became a married woman.

We left the church almost immediately, for the reception as we only have few family and friends in the church. I smiled sheepishly as I dance with my husband to the stage, while I was oblivious of my surrounding, more like if you ride a horse on me it won’t fall, I was overly happy.

After about 30 minutes of non-stop dance, I settled down on the cushion beside my husband, and then my eyes caught him almost immediately. I startled at the sight of him, this can’t be true I almost screamed but then I had to control myself, I was extremely shocked. Is that your photographer friend? I Whispered to my husband, yeah that him he answered with a blush, but I didn’t see him in the church I asked further, yeah, he couldn’t make it to the church, as he had to go to the hospital for an injection he stressed further. I couldn’t concentrate anymore, I kept pinching myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming and yet I had to compose myself, so I don’t miss the fun of the day, but it was a difficult thing to do.

The ceremony was lit despite my not too concentrating face, my husband couldn’t hide his joy too. We got to the hotel room, gist for a while before sleep got my husband and then I cling onto the pillow, as I have over one thousand and one things running through my head. I couldn’t shade the tear that had form under my lid, as I don’t want my husband getting suspicious of my mood. I couldn’t believe it Oladimeji that is Adeola’s friend.

To be continued (follow keenly for Part 2)

About the Author:

Ogunyomi Adenike Felicia is a banker by day and a prose writer by night. She has a special obsession for telling stories and seeing movies. She values her family and loves her family. She exhibits her flair for StationMag Follow her on Facebook


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Joshua Oyenigbehin is an introvert who is passionate about Storytelling, writing, and teaching. He sees his imagination as an unsearchable world, more magical than a fairyland. He has written a novel and working on another

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