The problem of rape, sexual assault, abortion is such that we really don’t talk about them and most of the perpetrators of these hideous crimes are rarely brought to book.

To raise awareness of the reality of these societal vices, Panda Media produced a feature film titled “Hope”.

The film, which features new acts, tells the story of a young girl who experienced the gruesome killing of her parent and her journey to healing and redemption.

“I’m happy because the vision of panda media giving opportunities to we young creatives in the industry over the years has been a reality. we’ve discovered new talents, giving them opportunities to come out of their shell, all I can say is we are proud of what we’ve done so far”. The producer of the film and advocacy filmmaker, Okolie Micheal, said

Oduwole Bayo wrote the film, while Anekwe Anthony is the director of the movie.

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Watch the Teaser to the film.

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