Not all have been heard concerning the allegation of copyright infringement brought against the Producer of Oloture, Mo Abudu and her company, EbonyLife Films.

Tobore Ovuorie, an investigative journalist, had accused the talk show host and entrepreneur of not giving her full disclosure about ‘Oloture‘ from the beginning.

Tobore has revealed that she was not carried along during the process of the making of the movie she described as a 70% replica of her 2014 investigation on human/sex trafficking.

The investigative reporter has earlier demanded $5 Million as compensation for the copyright allegation she made against the film producers.

Ovuorie in a statement insists that the film is a 70% replica of her 2014 investigation on human/sex trafficking.

She also refuted claims that Abudu had obtained legal rights to produce ‘Oloture’ from Premium Times, her employers at the time, stating that she had started her investigation prior to being employed by the media outfit.

The reporter insisted that “Òlòtūré” which follows the story of a young, naïve Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to expose the shady underworld of human trafficking is an adaptation of her life story which she wrote as an article, “Inside Nigeria Ruthless Human Trafficking Mafia” that was published on August 2014, by Premium Times.

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The film was published on Netflix following the failure of the proposed cinema release as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Station Magazine recalls that Mo Abudu had earlier refuted the allegation brought against her by the Journalist.

Premium Times, on its part, insists that Ovuorie cannot lay claim to the copyright of the story, stating that only the media company and it’s a partner of that project, Zam Chronicles, can lay claim to the copyright for the report based on Nigeria’s copyright law.

Watch the interview the journalist granted to PulseNg.

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