U.S based Nigerian has revealed the cure to COVID 19, a viral disease that has caused the death of thousands of people all over the world.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel, who studied and started practising medicine in Nigeria, stated that Hydroxychloroquine was potent enough to cure patients of the virus.

The medical doctor revealed that she has not lost any of the over 350 patients she has treated with the now outdated malaria drug.

According to her, the drug was announced to be potent enough to try the disease in research carried out in 2005.

“I Put myself, my staff and many doctors that I know on Hydroxychloroquine for prevention because by the very mechanism of action, it works early”

“We see 10 to 15 COVID Patients every day, we give them breathing treatment. There is no way I am trying 350 patients and counting and nobody is dead. This virus has a cure, it is called Hydroxychloroquine “. she said.

She criticised doctors who know the truth about the treatment but keep mute to the effect, accusing them of watching Americans die. She described them as the good Germans who watch Nazis kill millions of jews.

Dr. Stella also when further to dared CNN anchors to take a urine test. She accused them of taking Hydroxychloroquine for prevention against the virus while they tell Americans not to use the same drug.

“I dear everyone in CNN, give me a urine sample. If we test your urine and you do not have Hydroxychloroquine in your urine, then ask Americans not to take it.” Dr Stella revealed.

With over 4.3 Million confirmed cases and 150 million deaths, America accounts for the highest number confirmed cases and death.

Millions of American, early this year criticised US President Donald Trump for recommending Hydroxychloroquine to US Citizens for the treatment of the virus.

See more reactions, as her disclosure treads on social media:

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